EMF Protection – Learn about Clothing, Materials & More

The reality is that no matter where you go you will be exposed to EMF radiation, this is just the world we live in.

In order for your cell phone, laptop, and other electronic devices to work, they need to be on and as soon as they are turned on, they are emitting some amount of EMF radiation.

Simply put, if you block all EMF radiation, these products just won’t work and the technology we use today would not exist.

Given that this is the reality, many products have been created to help limit and reduce the amount of exposure we get from these products.

No EMF blockers/protection products block 100% of radiation, but they get pretty darn close when used properly.

Most high quality EMF protection products block the following:

  • Extremely Low Frequency Radiation (ELF Radiation)
  • WiFi Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Bluetooth Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Cellular Radiation (RF Radiation)
  • Heat Radiation

Learning about EMF radiation can be complicated and worrisome.

There is so much information out there and it can easily become overwhelming.

For a deeper dive into the history of electricity from its earliest discovery to present day and the 5G rollout, this book by Arthur Firstenberg is a great read and goes in depth on all of the topics you may have questions about.

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In this article we are not going to talk so much about what EMF Radiation is, but rather how you can protect yourself.

We will identify the most likely sources of EMF radiation in your daily life and share products that will protect you.

At the end of the article I will share some free ways to protect yourself by just changing a few habits and daily routines.

Let’s get started!

Here are the Best EMF Protection Products to Protect Yourself and Your Family:

EMF Meter

The first product we recommend investing in is an EMF Meter.

These EMF meters will help you get to the source of where the radiation is coming from so that you can address each source individually.

These meters won’t tell you what type of radiation they are detecting, but they will identify the sources of high radiation around a particular location.

Once you detect the sources of EMF radiation, then you can decide what measures to take as well as test to see if the measures you implement actually work.

For example, let’s say you use an EMF Meter and detect high levels of radiation around your Smart Meter.

You then go out and purchase a Smart Meter Guard (which we will discuss below) and install it over your Smart Meter.

You can then take your EMF Meter and see if the Smart Meter Guard reduced the radiation levels around the Smart Meter.

If the protective measures you took work, the meter will read lower radiation levels or none at all!

We really like the TriFIELD EMF Meter because it is reliable, detects all 3 types of EMF pollution which includes: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave (EMF).

It also works quickly and has excellent reviews.


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Cell Phone

Phone Shield

When used correctly, these phone shields work to block EMF radiation that is being released from your cell phone.

There are several different styles and brands but there are only a handful that we recommend that actually work.

Lots of companies claim that their products work, but they are just s sales scam.

We won’t go into this into much detail in this article because we already have an in-depth article that highlights the Best Anti-Radiation Phone Cases that we have tested and recommend.

Our absolute favorite is by DefenderShield:

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Anti EMF Radiation Protection Shield Sticker

EMF radiation stickers are a hard one to rate and recommend because there are so many on the market and they are hard to test.

From our research and experience, the ones that seem to be the most effective and have the highest customer satisfaction ratings are the Aulterra EMF Protection Anti Radiation Stickers.

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These EMF radiation stickers are used using rare paramagnetic minerals to re-tune the EMF radiation frequencies and transmute harmful energy from modern devices, like cell phones and laptops.

This re-tuning makes EMF radiation no longer harmful to the human body.

Although it is hard to measure how effective these stickers truly are, Aulterra products have been used in scientific research journals, have U.S patents on their technology, and have been a trusted manufacturer of EMF protection products for 21 years.

They’ve built a reputation for themselves in their other products, thus making them reputable and trusted by users.

These stickers are under $40 a pack and are money well spent for additional EMF protection.

Airtube Headphones

Air tube technology delivers crystal clear sound via hollow air tubes rather than traditional wires.

Braided nylon cord is infused with copper for additional protection from Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electrical signals.

A safer swap for your wireless earbuds that send electrical signals to your head.

Airtube headphones

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Laptop Shield

When laptops are connected to WiFi, they emit three types of radiation: Electric, Magnetic, and Radio Frequency.

Due to the nature of our jobs, many of us spend a lot of time each day on our laptop computers and s we are being exposed to lots of EMF radiation.

The LCD itself and the motherboard or logic board, as others call it, usually emit the largest magnetic radiation.

Unfortunately, to work on a laptop you have to be within arms length so that you can type, use a mouse, or touch screen, so simply distancing yourself won’t help.

A Laptop Shield works much like a cell phone shield in that it blocks EMF radiation.

There are several different types of Laptop Shields and again, we won’t go into much detail on each one here because we have a Complete Laptop Radiation Protection Guide in our article here.

This laptop shield by DefenderShield is our favorite, but checkout our article on reviews of the best ones and other ways to protect yourself from laptop radiation.

DefenderShield EMF Laptop Case

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Router Guard

A Router Guard is a small Faraday cage that is made to go around a WiFi router.

A Router Guard will not change the upload or download speed or performance of your router but it will block about 90% of EMF radiation emitted from the router.

The Router Guard is affordable and easy to setup.

All you have to do is unplug your router and place it in the Router Guard, feed the cords through the cord hole, plug it back in, close it and turn it back on.

So simple, we are surprised more people are not using these to help reduce the amount of EMF radiation they are being exposed to.

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Home Protection

Smart Meter Guard

A Smart Meter is an electronic device that records electric energy and communicates the information to the electricity supplier for monitoring and billing.

Usually these meters measure natural gas and water consumption and that is how your gas and water company bill you based on usage.

Most residential and commercial buildings have a smart meter and because Smart Meters emit very high levels of EMF radiation, it is important that you shield yourself and your family from it with a Smart Meter Guard.

Smart Meter Covers decrease EMF radiation by an average of 85%.

The Smart Meter Cover is made of stainless steel mesh that acts like a Faraday Cage.

It absorbs the harmful EMF radiation so that it doesn’t get released and effect anyone or anything around it.

Smart Meter Cover

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EMF Protective Paint

The best EMF protective paints are made with Silicate (such as potassium silicate) and is what you want to use to reduce the amount of EMF radiation that enters or even exits a room.

For example, if you have all of your computers, servers, and other EMF emitting electronics in one room or area, this paint can help reduce radiation entering other rooms or areas.

This paint is usually black so you will need to use it as a base, then put a topcoat and your color of choice over.

Although this paint can be very expensive, it is a small price to pay to protect you from EMF radiation and it lasts a very long time, not requiring touch up or a fresh coat.

YShield EMF Protective Paint

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Light-bulbs may not seem like a source of EMF radiation but the truth is, that many modern day light bulbs do emit radiation!

Because light-bulbs are one of the most essential electrical furnishings that we have at home or in our office, it is good to be educated on what types we are sitting under for a majority of our days.

Incandescent bulbs are generally the safest for overall health.

Incandesent Bulbs

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Yes, they may be less efficient than CLF and LED bulbs, but they produce less in terms of dirty electricity and blue light.

CLF and LED bulbs emit two types of dangers: blue light exposure and EMF radiation from dirty electricity.

LED’s are on your smartphone’s screen, the monitor on your computer at work, and the television that you have at home.

If you also have LED lighting in your home or office, you are increasing your exposure even more.

To learn all about light bulbs and the different kinds as well as why they are good or bad, checkout our in-depth article here.

EMF Protection Blankets

There are EMF protection blankets for both adults and kids.

Babies almost always have a blanket on or some sort of wrap to keep them warm and cozy, why not make it an EMF radiation protection blanket?

Most of these blankets are made from woven silver and copper – two of the most conductive metals for unparalleled shielding efficacy.

They can be used to protect you already born baby or over your belly to protect your unborn baby.

Besides protecting your belly or your baby, you can use an EMF blocking blanket for many other uses like quickly covering hotspots like a WiFi router while your baby is crawling nearby.

Breezy Baby EMF Protection Blanket

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Adults EMF blankets work the same and come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

EMF Protective Jewelry

Certain stones and crystals like Shungite are a really popular choice because they possess some unique EMF blocking properties.

These molecules that these stones and crystals are composed of are considered nature’s own Faraday cages.

There are so many types of EMF Protection Jewelry on the market, but not all are created equal.

For a complete EMF jewelry guide, checkout our post here.

EMF Protection Clothing

Faraday Bags

“RF-Blocking Pouches” or “Faraday Bags” as others call them, are able to block signals from cell towers both inside and outside.

Not only do these bags protect you from EMF radiation, but they have room for other important things that you keep in your pockets like key fobs and passports.

rf blocking faraday bags

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This pouch from DefenderShield is probably the best Faraday bag that one can find in the market at present.

It’s a fantastic piece of accessories that will keep your other accessories and gadgets safe.

It’s got pockets and pouches that serve a specific purpose around the bag itself.

It uses an EMF shielding that is on the military-grade level which is able to block incoming and outgoing signals from Mobile, WiFi, NFC, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

You can simply place your mobile phone, driver’s license, credit cards, passport, and anything else in its innermost pocket/compartment and they’ll easily become undetectable and untraceable.

For a complete Faraday Bag Guide, checkout our post here.

EMF Gloves

Typically made from materials that help absorb and protect from radiation such as copper, silver, aluminum mesh or other metals, these gloves are said to help ease symptoms of EMH.

Although they do not fully block 100% of EMF radiation, they can decrease the amount that you are exposed to.

These can be used if you spend a lot of time working on a computer or around systems that emit EMF radiation.

Faraday Cage Shielding Gloves

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For our complete EMF Gloves guide, checkout our post here.

Pet Protection

EMF Protection Collar Tag

Dogs and cats are constantly exposed to EMF’s in our wireless world, and the EMF Harmonizer Pet Tag is a versatile way to protect your furry loved one.

All you have to do is attach it to your pets collar and it goes wherever your pet goes.

The sturdy tag is made of stainless-steel and includes a metal ring to attach it to the collar. It is completely waterproof and cleans easily.

EMF Harmony features a unique dual-level approach – a Direct Technology that neutralizes EMF radiation and an Adaptive Technology to provide support for your pet’s health.

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Other Free Ways to Protect Yourself

Along with these products that help shield you from the harmful effects of EMF radiation, you can also make some free changes to your lifestyle!

Here are some free ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones from EMF radiation:

  • Turn WiFi Router Off at Night
  • Stick to Essential Technology – Every single device you add to your collection will add to the amount of EMF exposure you are getting.
  • Delay Getting Children a Smart Phone
  • Don’t Carry Phone in Your Pocket
  • Don’t Sleep with Your Phone Next to Your Bed
  • Use WiFi Calling Instead of Cell Data
  • Don’t Use Electric Blankets
  • Don’t Use WiFi Baby Monitors
  • Practice earthing: walk barefoot on the earth as much as possible

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