EMF Protection Jewelry – Bracelets, Pendents & Necklaces

Believe it or not, there are still some people that have never heard of EMF radiation and are completely unaware of its symptoms or risks.

Others are aware of EMF radiation but simply aren’t as sensitive to it as others, so they do not feel its constant effects.

Then, there are those who have what is called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), and these individuals have consistent symptoms from EMF radiation.

In other words, they can literally feel its effects.

To name a few, some of the symptoms include insomnia, sleep disturbances, headaches, depression or depressive symptoms, tiredness and/or fatigue, dizziness, lack of concentration, and many others.

For those of us that are actually effected by EMF radiation or for those of us that are aware of the fact that it is around us and can have harmful effects on our health, we are always looking for ways to protect ourselves.

Unfortunately, there are tons of products on the market that claim to work, but they are made of fake materials and are just a scam to make money.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many ways to protect yourself from EMF exposure and today we are going to talk about EMF protection jewelry.

In this guide, we are going to review the best EMF Protection materials used for EMF protection jewelry.

We will then list some of the best bracelets, pendents, and necklaces on the market that are made out of these top EMF Protection materials.

Let’s get started!

Here’s the Best EMF Protection Jewelry – Bracelets, Pendents & Necklaces:

There are so many types of EMF Protection Jewelry on the market, but not all are created equal.

Before we list our favorite products, lets first discuss the top materials and styles that will give you the most protection.

This will also serve as a guide when you do your own shopping so that you know what materials actually work and why.



Shungite is a really popular choice because it possesses some unique EMF blocking properties.

Shungite is primarily found in Russia in the Karelia regions.

It has been proven in laboratory tests to be 30 times more effective than carbon in removing harmful substances from water.

What also makes Shungite unique are its hollow carbon molecules which are called “Fullerenes.”

These molecules are considered nature’s own Faraday cages.

They are hollow cages of atoms that are mostly large and sphere shaped and they are believed to have EMF absorbing properties.

From the research we’ve done and what we’ve seen others do, this is probably one of the most powerful minerals used to protect the body from EMF radiation.

Heka Naturals Shungite Jewelry Set

Heka Naturals Jewelry Set

Via Amazon

This set comes with a Shungite beaded necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Not only is this a neutral set that matches any wardrobe, but it doesn’t look like your standard EMF Protection jewelry.

In fact, most people would just think its normal jewelry!

This item is 100% AUTHENTIC Shungite from Karelia, Russia.

As a manually cut stone, shape and size may vary.

Heka Naturals 3 Piece Shungite Pendant Necklace Set

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This Shungite pendant necklace set is also by Heka Naturals.

All of their Shungite products are sourced from Karelia, Russia and are authentic.

This necklace includes 3 Karelian Shungite Pendants: Big Circle, Big Oval, and Double Circle

Wearing this around your neck helps protect against EMF radiation from electronic devices such as a cell phone and/or other gadgets.

Mix and match to go with more items in your wardrobe.

Wash your Shungite Pendants under warm running water before the first use to avoid black stains (post production dust) on your skin and clothes, leave it to dry in sunlight to recharge.

Karelian Heritage Best Elite Shungite Crystel Pendant

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This Shungite Crystal Pendant is made of genuine Typ 1 noble Shungite.

This type of Shungite contains up to 98% of carbon and is a deep grey color with a shiny silvery surface, as shown in the above photo.

Keep in mind that every pendant is made of raw elite Shungite nuggets and each piece is going to be unique. 

Weight of each pendant is roughly 5 – 9 grams (0.17 – 0.31 oz).

Made of authentic EMF protecting Black Shungite Stone Material and manufactured by Karelian Heritage Company, this is a great, authentic piece.

Elite Noble Shungite and Gemstones Necklace –  Tree of Life – 7 Chakras

Elite Noble Shungite and Gemstones Necklace

Via Amazon

If you are looking for something a little more colorful, this is a nice option.

This pendant necklace is manufactured by Wallystone Gems which is a manufacturer of premium shungite stones.

Their products are well known and trusted.

In fact many of their products are handmade and packaged in Karelia, Russia, where Shungite is sourced.

This handmade tree of life chakra pendant necklace is unique and when you wear it, it is said to promote beauty, health, good luck, and healing.

Best of all, it has EMF protection properties.



Black Tourmaline

Another popular and effective EMF protection material is Tourmaline.

Tourmaline is unique because it is capable of producing both positive and negative ions.

It is a natural crystal that has been found to generate a weak charge of electricity.

Instead of blocking or absorbing EMF radiation, the black tourmaline empowers the wearer’s body to have its own protective electric field according to its proponents.

But be careful when purchasing Tourmaline products, there are more fake ones than real ones on the market right now.

The tourmaline jewelry pieces we link up later in this article are made of raw tourmaline, so you know you will be getting a real product that works.

8mm Black Tourmaline Bracelet

8mm Black Tourmaline Bracelet

Via Amazon

Wear this bracelet around your wrist to help with anxiety relief, healing energy, and offer some EMF protection because it is made out of black Shungite.

You can stack it with other bracelets because it is nice and neutral.

When ordering from MainShiki you can select a custom size so that it fits perfectly.

These are all unique and made to order.

Black Raw Tourmaline Necklace

Raw Tourmaline Necklace

Via Amazon

This necklace comes with a black tourmaline stone attached to a pretty silver colored chain.

It provides extreme protection against any negative or harmful energy, including EMFs and geopathic stress.

The necklace is easy to put on/take off with a lasting quality lobster-claw-clasp.

The product also comes with a 6 month manufacturer’s product warranty that is exclusive through sales from Ayana Wellness and authorized resellers.



Orgonite is made by combining metals, quartz, and a few other materials.

This combination is also able to give off weak energy, both positive and negative types, which help balance the body’s energy while wearing it.

Benefits of Orgonite include improvement in sleep, balances your mood, improves immune system, helps with symptoms cause by EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity), gives the wearer more energy, and more.

This output makes it capable of cleaning negative energies while protecting your body against EMF radiation.

Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Pendant Necklace with Bionized Black Tourmaline Crystals

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Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Chakra Pendant Necklace

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LKS Originals Orgone Energy Large Reversible Pendant Necklace

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Biofield Tuning

Biofield tuning

Scientists say that all humans and living creatures have what is called a biofield.

A biofield is the field of energy that interpenetrates and surrounds a person’s body.

The biofield is composed of both measurable electromagnetic energy and hypothetical subtle energy, or chi.

The proponents of this concept say that it’s an essential process that helps in giving the body the energy that it needs for daily existence.

If this biofield becomes unbalanced because of the stresses of daily life, our overall sense of well-being can be effected.

Wearing biofield tuning pendants or jewelry helps tune and balance this energy, which can be disrupted by EMF radiation exposure.

Black Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant

Via Amazon

This product was actually endorsed by hundreds of golf professionals around the world and was Best New PGA Product of the year.

This premium pendant provides protection against negative EMF radiation.

It comes as a sleek and stylish pendant that is worn by pro athletes all over the world.

Q-Link products are made to improve well-being, performance, and quality of life.

Although this pendant is a little more expensive, it is highly trusted and loved by those who wear it daily.

You can even get it in white!

Via Amazon

To see how the Q-Link pendant works to protect you from EMF radiation, watch this video demonstration here:

Schumann Resonance Generation

Schumann Resonance

The Earth’s atmosphere gives off a resonant frequency which is called Schumann Resonances.

It is said that humans live within those frequency ranges and it has been discovered that those frequency ranges become distorted when exposed to EMF radiation.

This then results in symptoms that are suffered by some especially after exposure to EMF.

Orgone Charkra Healing Pendant with Adjustable Cord

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This beautiful pendant has so much more to offer than just its beauty.

It works to protect against electro pollution from cell phones and devices emitting electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Chi-O Phi shows beneficial effects, supporting the body to balance itself and enter a more natural state, almost like the one have been exposed to an EMF free environment.

The circuitry within the Chi-O is composed of a frequency generator that produces a range of different frequencies found in the natural world, including this Schumann Resonance.

Other EMF Radiation Protection Jewelry

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We couldn’t find this pendant for sale on it’s own, but eLink sells a really great Neutralizer Pack that we highly recomend.

You get the Pendant, cell phone protection devices, and house plug!

Some reviewers say that this pendant necklace actually boosted their stamina and energy and as well as reduced their headaches and pains.

Provides stronger 3-feet inner field and 6-feet diameter outer field.

The pendant enhances productivity by boosting mental performance and improving the mood and promotes overall well being.

Style Within Reach has a great list of crystals that posses EMF blocking properties and we are going to list them here for you:

  • Aventurine
  • Amazonite
  • Eucryptite
  • Flint
  • Fluorite
  • Fulgurite
  • Moonstone
  • Orgonite
  • Shungite
  • Tourmaline
  • Pyrite
  • Quartz

Just remember to always read reviews before purchasing EMF protection Jewelry online.

Customers are usually very honest about their experience with products they purchased and that is one way to know if you will be receiving a quality product or not.

Any of the items in our list are great, authentic products that you can trust!

If you have any questions, comments, or additional products that you want added to this article, please share them in the comments below.