EMF Paint – What is it and Which brands give the Best EMF Paint Protection

EMF radiation is all around us from our neighbors WiFi signal to our own Smart Meters and one of the best ways to block the inside portion of your home from EMF radiation is with EMF paint.

Coating the interior of your home with EMF paint is effective and it’s one of the best solution there is.

Technically, it often takes two applications but the EMF shielding paint is the most effective solution there is in blocking frequencies in getting in your room.

So let’s be clear, how does EMF shielding paint work?

The EMF shielding paint stays true to its purpose coming from its name.

It does act as a shield for your wall that blocks a certain range of frequencies from entering and staying in your room.

In theory, if you paint one side of the wall, that wall only repels the frequencies.

But, if you decide to paint all rooms with the EMF shielding paint, it potentially blocks the signals from entering inside the room.

In fact, you can actually create a dead room in your house without any signal from entering and existing inside.

What the EMF paint does is blocks certain frequencies from getting inside your room.

The only difference is how exact the range of frequencies it blocks.

Now, that depends on the manufacturer of the EMF shielding paint.

A good EMF shielding paint should repel lower frequencies (up to 300hz) and higher ones (in the mega and gigahertz range).

A point worth considering in coating your room with an EMF shield paint is the high possibility of also blocking all frequencies within the range and distance.

This means that you may experience interference in your WiFi connection especially if you are wireless.

If there’s no way to get wired with your internet connection, then looking for an alternative location will be the next solution where the signal frequency won’t experience any interference.

Now that we’re able to explain to you the purpose of an EMF shielding paint and how it works, your next question in mind is what are the best EMF shielding paints out there in the market?

Each manufacturer and brand will have different frequencies and ranges their product can block.

Furthermore, let’s get it straight that using an EMF shielding paint is an investment.

Some may think of it as an additional expense, but in one way or another, it is also considered a long-term investment.

A 5-liter bucket of EMF shielding paint costs a whopping $200, that’s why you need to make sure that the product you’re getting is going to work.

Luckily on your end, we have listed for you the best options of EMF shielding paint you can choose from.

We have compiled this list to know the best brands out in the market.

Let’s get down to business.

Yshield EMF Paint


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When you hear the brand Yshield, you know it’s one of the popular ones and you can never go wrong with it.

Its existence for a number of years now makes it a credible and legitimate brand you can trust when it comes to EMF paint.

The beauty of the Yshield EMF paint is that it doesn’t have any risk of oxidation because there is no existence of metal particles.

In fact, Yshield claims that its paint is 99.98% effective after the first application and 99.9% after the second application.

This means that it is near to perfect in blocking EMF radiation.

There also isn’t any risk of harm to your health as the Yshield EMF paint doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which are good for those that are environmentally conscious.

It is water-resistant which is good for outdoors and is a low-odor paint as well.

The common ingredients found in the Yshield EMF paint are water, graphite, and black carbon.

Those that are experienced users of this paint highly recommend this brand as the paint is effective in blocking competing WiFi signals.

What makes the Yshield EMF paint special is how quick and easy it is for application, very similar to traditional paint.

To get the best results, just use a roller or a sprayer to get a touch in every area of the surface.

The downside that most users complain about on this product is the heaviness of the black color.

Since this acts as a primer, it is very difficult to cover up and would take multiple applications in order to cover fully the surface.

For top-coating, the manufacturer highly recommends using water-based paint.

Woremor EMF Paint


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Next on our list is the manufacturer Woremor which is very similar to how Yshield works.

Woremor EMF paint is silicon-based and can repel frequencies up to 18ghz.

Like the Yshield EMF paint, it boasts a high effective rate of 99.98% for the first application and 99.995% for the second application.

Since it is water-resistant and a quick primer, you can easily spot missed areas or surfaces on your painting.

MG Chemicals Supershield

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Another manufacturer that made it to our list is the MG Chemicals SuperShield.

Their paint is designed to be used in enclosed and small spaces.

However, this paint can also be applied to interior walls and it can block frequencies from 10mhz to 1.8ghz which is a good result for an RF range.

One of the main differences of MG Chemicals is its ingredient as it is acrylic-based with a nickel coating and it comes with a solid silver-grey color.

A point to be taken note of is the kind of brush you need to use when painting using the MG Chemicals SuperShield.

Many users commented on the difficulty to clean their paintbrushes after.

The best option is to find a disposable paintbrush.

Another solution may be to lay down the brush on a cloth to avoid having a mess on the flooring as removing the paint is also difficult to do.

Ecos EMR Shielding Paint

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To continue our list of EMF shield paints is the brand Ecos EMR Shielding paint where its ingredient is non-toxic and made of VOC-free nickel paint.

This kind of paint is promoted as a shielding paint against radiation.

To top it, the Ecos EMR Shielding paint takes pride in their odorless or odor-free paint formula and people who are sensitive to paint smells will be happy to hear that.

This is a perfect option for them.

Its primer color comes in a solid dark gray color and when you decide to cover it up with another coat, it is best used with another Ecos wall paint.

This manufacturer did an independent test in Europe where it performed well and resulted in a 99% block of signals and frequencies in between 900 to 1800 MHz range.


Tachyon Star Dust

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The last but definitely not least on our list of best options for EMF Shielding Paints is the Tachyon Star.

This product gets mixed into normal paint to make an EMF shielding paint when mixed together.

As far as budget is concerned, the Tachyon Star Dust is price-friendly as it is cheaper compared to others on our list.

This type of paint, when machine-mixed can turn any normal paint into an EMF shielding paint.

You can easily apply this to any paint and any area you want to shield.

It must be noted that this must be machine-mixed to guarantee the even distribution and to achieve accurate results.

The Tachyon Star Dust can either be used as a primer or base coat or perhaps be used as a topcoat of paint.

The ingredients of the Tachyon Star Dust include mainly silicon dioxide, sodium oxide, and aluminum oxide.

Aside from the quick mixing and application, this paint can also be used on pictures, sculptures, and even flooring.

The Tachyon Star Dust claims that it can turn EMF radiation into harmless energy.

However, there are not many reviews out there on this product and so the efficacy is still not guaranteed.

As a user and you decide to try this one out, you want to test this paint with a high-quality EMF meter.

Grounding your EMF Paint

Now that we’ve given you a full review and list of the best options of EMF shielding paint that you can find in the market, there is one final extra step that needs to be taken note of and that is grounding the paint.

What does that entail?

Since the EMF paint is conductive, you must be sure it is grounded to follow the guidelines set in our building codes.

After all, safety should be our utmost priority.

How does the grounding of the paint work?

The first step before applying the paint on the wall is to put a grounding strap on the wall where the EMF shielding paint will be used.

If the surface that you are applying paint on has an electric outlet, the grounding strap should be within an inch or two of range.

The grounding plate to be installed after the paint should also be checked by a licensed electrician to ensure your safety.


To sum this all up, you can never deny that EMF radiation poses a risk to your family’s health and safety.

There are some dangerous health risks linked to this such as cancer, infertility, miscarriages, and more.

If the health of your family is of priority, then consider finding ways to safeguard your home.

As a pro tip, what you can do is apply EMF shielding paint on the opposite wall where your smart meter or Wifi connection or major signal generator and EMF radiation is located.

What the EMF shield paint does is repel the signal thus contributing to the protection of your family.

It’s also not advisable to paint all wall surfaces in your home as this would clear out any signal and frequency from getting in.

This would make your house a completely dead area for signal.

Our advice is to only apply it in the area it is needed.

So if you want to beat EMF radiation, using EMF shielding paint is just one tool.

This is a great investment, to say the least.

Though it comes with a hefty price, you’re also assured of the safety of your family and your peace of mind is what you are paying for as well.