Best Anti Radiation Phone Case – Cellphone Case to Protect yourself!

I have owned several phone cases that are capable of protecting against EMF (13 to be exact) and I’ve tried anti-radiation stickers, diodes, and other EMF protection products.

For this reason, many people ask me about the best products that I can recommend for protection against radiation so, I think it’s about time that I turn word of mouth into a complete guide.

In this article, I am going to do my best to focus on my favorite anti-radiation phone cases that you can find on the market and include my own take on each one of them.

I will also include the other resources that I wrote in the past on this topic in case you’re not yet convinced about the dangers of EMF radiation or if you really want to learn more.

Here’s our Picks for the Top Anti Radiation Phone Cases:

  1. DefenderShield Cell Phone Case
  2. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Case
  3. RadiArmor Anti-Radiation Leather Cell Phone Case
  4. RF Safe Case
  5. Alara (Pong) Anti-Radiation Case
  6. Waves Protect Anti-Radiation Leather Smart Phone Case
  7. WaveWall EMF Blocking Flip Case

Let’s start by talking about the things that you need to be looking for if you want to purchase the best EMF-blocking phone case.

Then, I’m going to get into the reviews of the 7 products I have listed above.

What To Look For in an EMF-Protection Phone Case

DefenderShield EMF Cell Phone Case

Via DefenderShield

There are a few things that you need to check when it comes to purchasing an EMF protection product like a phone case.

It is important to note that the market for these protection products is growing as different companies realize the rise of their demand.

And as the number of products grows along with more and more companies making them, many are poorly made with inferior materials and others simply don’t work at all.

In short, there are companies who are just trying to make money off of this hot market rather than providing a quality product.

They didn’t do research and give due diligence in the design and manufacturing process to make sure that their product truly works!

Another fact that you need to know is that these products are not perfect solutions for EMF protection and none of them really will be.

They won’t block all radiation especially, if you’re holding the phone up close to your head.

The goal here is to identify and zero-out the phone cases out there which reduce your exposure to EMF radiation.

So the ones that I’m going to recommend in this guide will actually reduce your exposure to radiation, but there are still other things that you can do to reduce exposure even more.

In addition to these phone cases, I will share other ways to protect yourself later on in the article.

The products which I have included in this list are the ones that will still let you use your mobile phone’s functionality.

It is also important to remember that these products should be used as they are intended to.

Some of the products which I am going to review below can actually increase your exposure to radiation if you fail to use them properly.

For instance, the flip cases which are equipped with a flap that is made of EMF-blocking material are designed to block radiation while you are using your phone and it needs to be used this way.

If you place the flap at the back of the phone, you will actually increase radiation exposure instead of bringing it down.

I have included a video below which demonstrates how these cases don’t really work most of the time especially if they are not used as they are intended to.

But don’t get discouraged at this point because I will also discuss how each product is used as I review each one of them.

Now, let’s return to the things that you need to be looking for when you’re trying to find a quality EMF protection case for your smartphone:

  • EMF Protection – This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a mobile phone case for protection against EMF radiation. There are cases that are poorly designed and are made of low-quality materials which, instead of reducing radiation exposure, would rather increase it. I’ll tell you more about this later on.
  • Quality – I use mobile phones more often than any other gadgets and appliances that I have. That is why it’s important to ensure that the case that we protect it with is made of high-quality and efficient materials. It should also be comfortable and functional so you are protected against radiation and the phone itself is protected against dents.
  • Research – Don’t fall for flowery words. The company that manufactures the phone case must have evidence to prove their claims and there’s no better way to do this than research that shows how their product actually works in reducing EMF radiation from mobile phones. Other companies boast of research that is focused on the material and not the full case which is also good but the latter must be taken as well to provide definitive proof of the product’s effectiveness.
  • The Company – Be sure that the company whom you’re purchasing the products from has been making such kinds of products for a considerable amount of time and not just one that is on the private-labeling business getting some knock-off products from foreign suppliers.
  • Customer Support – This is one of the most ignored aspects but it’s also very important that even after purchasing, you can still ask questions from customer service agents about the product. This gives assurance to you as a customer of the company’s continued commitment to providing quality products and continued support even after your purchase.
  • Price – There are EMF products in the market which have jacked-up prices which makes them unaffordable from a majority of customers. But don’t worry, all of the phone cases that I’m going to review in this guide will be the affordable ones but delivers great performance.

Here’s the Best Anti-Radiation and EMF Protection Phone Cases of 2024:

1. Defender Shield Cell Phone Case

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: Yes
– Radiation Blocked: 99.99% RF, 98.25% ELF

Purchase from DefenderShield

via DefenderShield


Both my wife and I are using this phone case on our phones. It is made by DefenderShield and I really like this case which I have been using for quite some time now.

DefenderShield’s product quality is outstanding and this product does a great job at blocking EMF Radiation.

They use materials that have been tested to block EMF radiation 100% and the research was done in a lab that has been certified by the FCC.

Just remember that the results of the tests were based on the material that has been used and not the finished product which is the phone case.

Reading the test results will make it clear as it says:

” The Sample Under Test or SUT is the DefenderShield. SUT is a proprietary material that is being used as RF shield and magnetic field radiation shield both in professional and consumer applications.”

However, I personally found that the case itself is capable of reducing the EMF radiation that comes from the phone especially when you’re making or taking calls with it.

If you were able to watch the video earlier, you will already have an idea that this can actually be affected by different things like the network which you are on, the direction your phone faces, and the very important aspect is that whether you are using the cell phone case the way it is intended to be used.

Any case that has a flap like this one needs to be used with the flap closed whenever you’re talking to someone on the phone.

You need to remember this or the case will not do its job of blocking and reducing your exposure to radiation.

In order to use the case in the correct manner, just make sure that the protective cover in front is closed whenever you are putting the phone beside your head whenever a call comes in or when you’re making calls.

There are many other ways of reducing your exposure to the radiation that comes from your mobile phone and I’m going to talk about that even more as we move along through this guide.

I just wanted to make this point really clear.

Overall, the DefenderShield phone case is the best EMF protection case in my opinion and I am going to continue using it for now.

I also want to express my respect for the company because I know that they work really hard at making quality products that truly work.

The company truly cares from their customers by making their products to the highest quality possible so they can protect people against EMF radiation.

They also maintain an excellent customer support line and they continually innovate to offer new products that are useful for everyday life.


2. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Case

Via Amazon

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: Yes
– Radiation Blocked: 99% RF, 92% ELF
-Purchase from Amazon

So now, let’s talk about this other phone case that I also like which works the same as DefenderShield.

This is the one that I used to have before I tried and fell in love with the high-quality phone case that DefenderShield produces.

Every phone case that SafeSleeve has features a front flap that you can close whenever you take or make calls so it can block radiation.

The front flap uses several layers of EMF-blocking and shock-absorbing materials to protect your phone not just from radiation but also from accidental falls.

The material that they use in blocking the radiation in tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. has been tested to block 92% of ELF radiation and 99% of RF radiation from every type of device.

But I want to point out once again that in this case, these findings are based on the materials used and not on the finished product.

And the tests are conducted in a controlled lab that is accredited by the FCC.

The reason behind this is the fact that it is hard to consistently test any radiation-blocking product in real-world scenarios.

Just like the DefenderShield, this product is going to effectively block radiation from your device when you use it correctly.

You’ll avoid radiation if you close the flap whenever you answer or make calls.

To further understand how the case itself works and how it is able to reduce your exposure radiation, here’s a video that you can watch:

The case itself is truly an excellent product and you can even choose your preferred color and style if you want to.

They also make phone cases for almost every phone that you can find in the market at present.

Another thing that I really love is that the case acts as a stand when you want to watch some videos on your mobile phone and it also serves as a wallet.

Just like the top 1 product, the DefenderShield, the SafeSleeve can be used every single day to hold bills and your cards.

It’s got an RFID-blocking feature so your cards remain secure when it is inserted in the case.

Just make sure that you close the flap whenever you’re making or taking calls.

Also, you need to ensure that the same flap is the one that is against your body whenever you place your phone inside your pocket.

Keeping the phone at least 8-12 inches from your body whenever you open the flap will help in greatly reducing exposure to radiation.

Go to this page if you want to learn more about the different phone brands and models which SafeSleeve supports


3. RadiArmor Anti Radiation Leather Cell Phone Case

Via Amazon

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: No
– Radiation Blocked: Claim Says Up to 99%
Purchase from Amazon

This case is one of the least known brands on the market and in fact, it might be your first time to hear about it if you are from the United States.

I don’t personally own one of these but I know some friends who are really in love with this case because of how well it blocks EMF radiation.

I love the part in their product description which expressly admits that even if the radiation-blocking membrane that they’re using is capable of blocking 99.9% of RF radiation, their phone case is only capable of reducing radiation down to 91% because it is only the flap which has the material.

But 91% is already a good rate of blocking though I expect it to be lower than that just like any other product.

I really admire the company’s honesty in this aspect.

The case works just like the other two that I have already reviewed above.

In order to make it work as an EMF protection case, you will need to get the front flap closed whenever you’re on a call.

A magnetic clip makes the case remain closed whenever you’re using it on a call.

The material used looks and feels like genuine leather but the real material is actually vegan leather as the company specifies.

Inside, you will find a rubber-made snap-in case which holds your mobile phone and also protects it from accidental falls.

I just feel like the case lacks in the aspect of the company itself. Their official website, proved to be a bit hard to navigate through.

For instance, the listing for the cell phone cases that they have mentioned that they have the proof on the case’s ability to block EMF radiation but I can’t find any research that will support the claim even on their website.

If you’re able to locate it, please let me know in the comments section below.

The company has not been around the same as DefenderShield, RF Safe, or SafeSleeve but I think that their phone case is still a high-quality product that can go head-to-head with the same products from those companies. It’s really worth testing and trying out especially if you’re in a tight budget.

4. RF Safe Case

Via Amazon

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: No
– Radiation Blocked: Claim Says Up To 99%
-Purchase from Amazon
Purchase from RF Safe

Now, let’s discuss RF Safe and the phone case that they have in their product line.

I personally own one of these and I was able to test it and found out that it truly works in blocking EMF radiation from my mobile phone.

The company has one of the options of device cases in the market which are designed for different brands and models of phones that are available.

It is designed like the other cases that I have already reviewed above in the sense that it has a front flap which is made of EMF-blocking material to protect you against radiation while you’re taking or making calls.

Its back portion doesn’t have any radiation-blocking material and the company did it for a good reason.

Whenever phones detect poor reception, they work double to maintain connection and in the process, they emit even more EMF radiation.

If blocking materials are present on the sides and back of the phone case, you will actually cause your mobile phone to work harder in order to increase the cellular signal.

This reduces battery life and increases the amount of radiation.

Though I never worked with the design and manufacturing team of RF Safe, I want to give them credit on the amount of research that they did on every one of their products.

They have plenty of products that have EMF-blocking features and they appear to be very focused on researching. I love how they put quality information out to the customers.

I found them to be outspoken about competitors but it’s not really that bad in the long run especially for customers.

But aside from the EMF features of the case, I don’t really like the functionality and looks compared to DefenderShield and SafeSleeve but that really depends on the user’s preference.

If you want to try this product yourself then you can check it out on the company’s official website.


5. Alara (Pong) Anti-Radiation Case

Via Amazon

– Style: Standard
– FCC Lab Testing: No
– Radiation Blocked: Claim Says Up to 99%
Purchase from Amazon

Now, let’s talk about another phone case that has been made to look different from the ones that I have already reviewed above.

It’s got a peculiar design which is great for those who are looking for something that’s fresh.

The phone cases which I have listed above actually have front flaps which are made of materials that block radiation, Brinkcase’s Alara phone case uses a different technology.

I will not be going into greater detail about the technology itself but I think it’s essential to explain how the case is able to protect you against EMF radiation.

Cellphones work by transmitting data in the form of packets to the cell towers which they are connected to.

These signals come in the form of Radio Frequency which is a type of EMF radiation.

Blocking this signal entirely will make your phone work harder and emit higher levels of EMF radiation but it will still not be able to function properly.

Brinkcase states that using a conductive material like a copper plate takes the Omni-directional signal of EMF then focuses it towards the back of the phone.

This theory should work the same way as the other cases which are capable of protecting the brain from harm when using mobile phones.

So if you have noticed in the picture above, the back of the phone actually shows the mesh which is actually part of the copper antenna that is placed within the case.

This is designed to pick-up the signal from the phone then place it to the back portion to avoid your head from having direct contact with the radiation.

The company claims that by doing this, they are actually able to reduce exposure by 67% that is “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”, the words which the name A.L.A.R.A came from.

So this time, let us start discussing about the phone case.

I purchased this case with the purpose of trying the product on my iPhone 7 which I had before.

I tried it for about a month and I found it in Amazon and after days of using it, I immediately fell in love with some of its features.

The first thing that I love about it is that even if I’ve already got used to my DefenderShield case, Alara wasn’t that hard to fall in love with because it offers a different design that gets rid of the front flap.

That is why it is not very obvious that it is actually an EMF protection phone case because it looks more like a stylish case for a mobile phone.

It’s got an easy-to-grip outer case that really offers tactility on the hands. It is really capable of doing the job of protecting your phone which can be seen in the Drop-test protection which can be found on their website.

The protection itself already exceeds military standards! I didn’t really know that the military had such drop test specifications for mobile phones but overall, I love how this case is capable of protecting my phone against accidental falls.

Overall, I am not really convinced that it can do the “radiation-protection” thing the way that flip cover phone cases do but it’s still a decent product that people who are looking for a different design can try!


6. Waves Protect Anti-Radiation Leather Smart

Via Amazon

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: No
– Radiation Blocked: Claim Says Up To 99%
Check Current Price on Amazon

You probably heard of this brand for the first time and even I myself don’t know it until a colleague of mine shared about it which he found in Amazon.

It’s one of the products in this list that leans toward the expensive side though but that’s entirely due to the fact that the case is made of genuine Italian leather.

I have not tried this product personally but based on what my colleague told me and doing some readings online, it appears that the case is really a nice one.

The leather feels soft to touch and the design is really stylish. It also has a magnetic strap that keeps the flap closed when you’re using your phone to accept calls.

The Amazon listing claims that the product is able to block up to 96% of EMF radiation and that it’s been proven through testing in a lab that is FCC certified but I didn’t find the results in the listing and failed to obtain contact information as the where I can get it.

The case is equipped with a built-in wallet and some other features like a pocket for extra sim and one that is meant to hold a sim card eject needle.

Overall, this case is really nice because it can do the job of blocking EMF radiation and it’s made of genuine Italian leather which is perfect for those who want to stay in style while being protected at all times.

7. WaveWall EMF-Blocking Flip Case


Via Amazon

– Style: Wallet
– FCC Lab Testing: No
– Radiation Blocked: Claim Says Up To 99%
Check Current Price on Amazon

This time, we’re going to talk about the last product in this top 7 list. The WaveWall EMF Blocking Flip Case is more popular overseas than it is in the United States.

They have a selection of products that have EMF protection capabilities and their flagship product is the flip-open phone case.

The unique feature about this case is that unlike the DefenderShield and SafeSleeve which has a horizontal flap, the WaveWall has a vertical flap which means that it will open in the same way that you open your old flip phone.

Yes! It folds down instead of folding to the side.

This is something that I don’t really prefer because I found it to be a bit distracting.

But another positive thing about it is that it’s actually a wallet case so it can also hold money and cards if you want to have easy access to such items.

When it comes to EMF protection, it works just like most other EMF cases do where you need to close the front flap whenever you’re in a call to protect your head and your brain from being exposed to high levels of radiation.

The video below will demonstrate how WaveWall works in protecting you from dangerous EMF radiation that comes from your mobile phone.

I tried using this case for over a week and I was impressed at how it performs and I was able to get used with the vertical flip cover.

It also feels high-quality and very soft on the hand.

However, it failed to convince me to give up the DefenderShield but I believe that that the WaveWall can be the right EMF protection case for other people.

Now that we’re done with the reviews and already identified the best EMF protection phone cases in the market, let’s start discussing why you should care about using products like this.

After this, I will be talking about the ways on how you can reduce your exposure to harmful EMF radiation.

The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

So why do we need to use EMF protection cell phone cases and other products that have such features anyway?

If you’re reading down and reached this point of this article then you may already have some knowledge on the effects of EMF radiation especially when you’re very close to it and you’re exposed to it for long periods.

Whenever your phone transmits data over a phone in a call, SMS, or via Bluetooth or the Internet, it is able to do so in the form of Radio Frequency which is a form of radiation.

The data is sent as packets through radio frequencies that are then received by another device or by cell towers.

If you’ve got an EMF meter like the one that I have, the TriField TF2, you will find out that RF radiation is everywhere and you will be able to measure it when you want to.

However, it is hard to obtain a consistent reading on devices like mobile phones and that is because the data is sent in packets instead of consistent radiation like the electric field, or magnetic field radiation.

The packets are much larger whenever you are using the phone which means that your body is going to be exposed to a much higher level of radiation.

Radiation that comes from mobile phones has been proven time and again to have biological effects on the human body.

Now, you may start to wonder why the radiation that devices like your mobile phone are emitting isn’t regulated but in fact, it is being measured “sort of”. In the US as well as other countries, they are using a measurement which is called SAR or Specific Absorption Rate.

The measurement helps determine the amount of radiation a particular body can absorb.

The manufacturer should measure and obtain this number and have it reported. Also, it should not be more than 1.6 kg of body weight.

But if you were able to read articles about SAR, you will start to understand that it’s not really a good measurement to identify how dangerous mobile phones are.

I will not get into all the reasons why this is so and reserve it for another article.

The point is that EMF radiation coming from mobile phones has been found in several studies to bring potential harm.

A cumulative study called the BioInitiative Report which is composed of over 1,800 studies on the dangers and biological effects of exposure to EMF radiation has a lot to say about it. Some of its many conclusions include:

  • EMF Radiation can bring Single and Double-Strand DNA Damage
  • Even at low levels, EMF radiation from a device can bring harm to the human body
  • It can have some effects in cranial bone and brain development in the offspring of different animals which have been exposed to mobile phone radiation during pregnancy

Back in 2010, another research called the Interphone Study which contains the most comprehensive research about the risks that cell phones bring and the negative effects that it can have on health was able to obtain the following conclusions:

  1. Using your mobile phone at least 30 minutes each day will increase your risk of developing a brain tumor after 10 years.
  2. Brain tumors that were found in the test group were mostly found on the side of the head twice more likely on the area where the cell phone is placed during a call.
  3. You are going to be considered at “high risk” if you were able to use your phone 1,640 hours in your entire lifetime. This group of “high risk” individuals are twice more likely to develop a tumor in the brain specifically on the temporal lobe. Whenever you hold your phone close to your head, it is the temporal lobe that is closest to the antenna.

These are just a few samples of the thousands of studies and research that have been conducted regarding EMF radiation which devices emit.

If you want to read more then you can do your own research and find plenty of materials all over the Internet stating conclusions about the risk that radiation poses on users of different electronic devices.

So now that we’ve discussed the dangers of RF radiation that is emitted by mobile phones, let’s get into the different ways that can help lessen your exposure to it.

Reducing Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Let me summarize some of the steps that you can take in reducing your exposure to EMF radiation whenever you’re using any electronic device.

Again, this is just a few of the things that you can do and there are more which you can take if you’re really serious about staying away from radiation.

1. Keep Distance and Moderate Your Usage

When we talk about EMF radiation, there are two things that you can do to lessen your exposure.

First is keeping a distance from it whenever possible and second is using the device less.

It’s important to remember that when the harm from EMF or RF radiation is considered, the damage that it can bring is considered as cumulative so if there’s anything else that you can do other than just using your mobile phone then it will reduce the risk of exposure to radiation.

The next thing is distance and in this aspect, you can understand this step better if you learn what is called the inverse square law of physics.

It essentially says that as the distance from a source of radiation is increased, the exposure to it is quartered.

This means that distance will help in increasing your protection from radiation.

So you can take simple steps like using a speakerphone or a headphone whenever you’re in a call or texting instead of calling.

This will really help in protecting your brain against the harmful radiation that comes from your mobile phone.

2. Keep Your Cell Signal In Check

This is a tip that is not given enough attention by most people but it is important to put in mind that whenever the signal of your mobile phone is poor, the device itself will exert more effort and give off more power just to try connecting to the device again in order to improve its signal.

And this results in higher emission of radiation.

There are even some studies that say mobile phones would emit 1000 times more EMF radiation whenever it only detects 1 bar of signal.

So be sure to get your phone checked and look into the signal bars before you even make a call.

And in case the connection is poor and the call isn’t that urgent, try to get out and look for a better signal reception

3. Wait Before Putting Your Phone to Your Head

Again, this is another tip that is often ignored by those who own a mobile phone.

Whenever you’re making a call, your mobile phone is going to emit a larger amount of radiation as it attempts to connect to the reception tower that’s nearest to you.

It takes more power for a phone to establish a connection than it is to make a call.

So just avoid placing your phone right after you dial the phone number and wait for the person you’re calling to answer before putting the phone to your head.

4. Use Airplane Mode

Even if you’re not using your phone, it will still emit radiation. That’s because it is constantly using cellular signal or WiFi so that you can receive texts, emails, get your apps updated, and a lot more.

So if you are not doing anything that needs WiFi or cellular reception, just turn on the Airplane mode so your phone can rest from releasing radiation.

This will actually cut radiation down to zero and dramatically lower the radiation that your body is getting exposed to especially on your head and your hands.

It’s also a good idea that you do this before going to bed since putting your phone beside your bed will also get you exposed to the radiation that it emits even when you’re resting.

5. Consider Using An Air Tube Headset

I mentioned the Air Tube headset earlier and that’s for a good reason.

Headphones can also help lessen your exposure to radiation especially during calls or while you are listening to music, watching videos, or doing anything else on your mobile phone.

This is because you no longer need to put your phone whenever you’re doing these things.

But the problem is that most headphones in the market actually emit EMF radiation and it takes that radiation even closer to your head as you place it in your ear.

The Airtube headphones are different because its speaker is located halfway down the cord.

This effectively moves the radiation source away from the head making it less of a risk.

The image below shows how these airphones look like.

Airtube Headset

Via Amazon

If you experience tingling fingers and painful hands whenever you’re holding your phone then you definitely need to get the Air tube headphones so that taking calls can become more convenient.

And in order to complete the protection from radiation, consider getting the DefenderShield phone case!

6. Use a Speaker Phone

If you don’t want to use the Air Tube headphones then you can try speakerphones instead and whenever it is possible.

For instance, when you’re on the road driving and you need to make a quick call, simply put the call on the speakerphone instead of holding your phone on to your head.

That will not only protect you from accidents but you also get protected against harmful EMF radiations.

Now there still are a lot of other tips that I can share for avoiding EMF radiation from phones, tablets, and laptops but I’m going to leave you with those simple ones to help you stay protected every time!

Do EMF Protection Stickers Really Work?

It is hard to find a definitive answer to this question because of the fact that not all of them really work. Others even admit the lack of research to back their claims.

The problem with EMF protection stickers is that they can’t be measured via EMF meters.

Others claim that their product can alter the waveform of the radiation so it can offer protection while others say it emits a protective field or something that’s identical to such technology but the problem is there’s no study to back this.

So even if I think that these products can help in reducing EMF radiation, I would prefer to see explanations and proof of how it really works.

So if you ask me at this time, I would prefer getting a product that has already been proven to work like the mobile phone cases that I have reviewed above.

Does Your Phone Case Block 100% of Radiation?

Cell Phone EMF Shield

As I have shown in each review, there were none of the phone cases that blocked 100% radiation.

The reason for this is that if all of the radiation is blocked, the device will no longer work as it is supposed to.

Your phone will not be able to connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, or to your nearest cellular reception tower.

Remember that your mobile device requires the use of radio waves in the form of EMF and RF radiations in order for it to work properly.

All of the cases which I have reviewed above are capable of attenuating radiation which comes in direct contact with your brain whenever you put your phone beside your head during a call.

Just follow the tips on how you can use each one of them and do the additional advice I gave and you should be safe from the harmful effects of radiation.

You can also use faraday bags for your mobile phone but the problem is that you can’t use your phone when it is in there unlike when you place it in an EMF protection phone case.

You can find out more about the best Faraday bags and radiation-blocking pouches from my previous article which also talks about the importance of having them.

I really am passionate about EMF protection and I want to help people find the products that they can use to reduce exposure to radiation.

If you’ve got some questions on the topic discussed in this article then please feel free to post them in the comments section below.