Infrared Vision Goggles, Scopes & Binoculars for Night Vision & Thermal reading

Night vision binoculars and goggles play an essential role in terms of surveillance and security.

But they have many more uses than just surveillance and security and if you are a fan of nocturnal wildlife watching, these tools are for you!

Night vision goggles open new opportunities for wildlife discoveries by taking sights of the different creatures that live among us, hidden throughout the day, and being all-active at night.

Remember when you were 8 years old?

I bet your mother would tell you and your siblings to eat carrots because these vegetables help you see more clearly in the dark.

Did you follow your mother and eat them all up?

Or did you even eat them at all?

If your answer is a rebellious no, then, worry not because night vision goggles will come to rescue for you!

And the good thing about it is that you don’t have to be such a superhero to attain these night vision tools, you can purchase them on your own with just one click.

So, if you’re looking for some night vision devices, but are still confused about which night goggles to get, then this article is the perfect guide for you!

This article has listed the best night vision goggles available in the market.

This article will also give you recommendations and tips to help you decide what kind of device best suits your needs. 

If you’re interested in more information, then scroll down because we’re just getting started!

Types of Night Vision Devices

Night vision tools help you see clearly in the dark because they utilize light amplification technology and image enhancement.

Night vision goggles are the best devices to have when you’re looking for a hands-free gadget that can help you observe your surrounding subjects while on the move. 

These devices, among other things, have a variety of features and degrees of specification.

Surely, these gadgets have different price ranges depending on how updated the model is, and how much wear and tear they are designed for. 

This article will not only list night vision goggles that are strapped around your head, but it will also include night vision binoculars as well.

These night vision binoculars allow maximum magnification of your subjects in the dark.

The only downside of these devices is that they are a lot heavier to use and carry around.

Therefore, if you are looking for a more lightweight and more compact companion, night vision monoculars are also available and are also listed amongst others in this article.

With that said, let’s dive into the hot list of the best night vision binoculars and night vision goggles that are available in the market today.

The best Night Vision Goggles and Binoculars (no particular order):

1. Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles

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If you are looking for a hands-free option that moves along with you, then the Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles are the ones for you.

This pair of night vision goggles allows you to walk with them without having a hard time because of the 1x magnification feature that this device has.

These night vision goggles also have a built-in digital camera that creates an 840nm infrared LED image for illumination.

This is designed to give a quote range of 70m (76 yards) maximum. 

Not only that, the Nightfox Swift Night Vision Goggles uses a rechargeable battery that gives you 90 minutes to three hours of observation and operation.

The battery life varies depending on the brightness settings that you set the built-in seven LEDs.  

On the other hand, the resolution is not that high given the 320×240 pixel screen.

The angle of view, which is 10°, is pretty narrow.

But given the affordable price that these night vision goggles offer, it provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in observing the shenanigans of the wildlife after dark or even do tasks for special operation assignments.

2. Nyte Vu NV60 Night Vision Goggles

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The Nyte Vu NV60 Night Vision Goggles are perfect for those who like to save videos in their gallery.

This pair of video-based night vision goggles use a CCD sensor.

This kind of sensor outputs the video feed to an LCD screen located in the eyewear.

However, the screen, given the 80 x 225-pixel array, has a pretty low resolution with a black and white display.

But, worry not, because you can capture videos using an external video recorder that is suitable for the output socket that these night vision goggles provide.

Not only that, in total darkness, these pair of night vision gadgets allow you to see up to 200 ft, and lets you see around 100 feet in the moonlight.

The Nyte Vu NV60 Night Vision Goggles also come with a rechargeable battery that powers up to 12 volts, making it sufficient for you to do night operation projects and the like.

3. Solomark Night Vision Binocular

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If you are looking for night vision binoculars that shoot videos, then you might want to check out the Solomark Night Vision Binocular.

For the price it offers, it already has a decent specification, including an infrared illuminator.

This illuminator allows viewing of up to 400 meters from a 4-inch screen that is sufficiently large enough for viewing. 

Not only that, this night vision binocular allows magnification of up to 7x with a 31 mm objective lens size.

Plus, it has a ⅓ inch CMOS sensor that also helps in magnification and viewing.

Plus, this binocular also includes a 4 GB microSD in the package.

At 1280 x 720 pixels at 30 fps, you can take videos in almost-HD quality.

Aside from those cool features, the night vision binocular by Solomark includes an AV cable plus a USB cable in the package which allows you to hook the binoculars onto your personal computer or your TV.

However, this binocular doesn’t have a rechargeable battery and powers up with 8 regular AA batteries. 

4. Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 Night Vision Binocular

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If you want your binoculars to have a built-in IR illuminator, then the Sightmark Ghost Hunter Night Vision Binocular is perfect for you!

They are, indeed, more comfortable than night vision goggles and with the product name with the words “ghost hunter” in it, who in the world are able to resist that?

Although you may not actually see “ghosts,” these night vision binoculars allow for longer hours of observation in the dark.

And of course, the Sightmark Ghost Hunter 2×24 night vision binoculars are a lot more comfortable to use than strapping up a pair of goggles in your head.

With two AA batteries that are already included in the package, you are allowed to observe wildlife in the dark and operate your projects for 72 hours!

One of the cool features of the Sightmark Ghost Hunter binocular is the high-powered infrared illuminator and a 24 mm lens with 2x magnification.

These features are all wrapped in a polymer construction, ensuring that it’s durable and of good quality.

These binoculars also offers an automatic shut-off feature which deactivates the device when it’s exposed to bright light.

This allows the binocular to prolong its lifespan.

Although it is not the cheapest option out there, it is a solid choice and worth the extra money.

5. Bushnell Equinox Z2 6×50 Night Vision Monocular

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The Bushnell Equinox Z2 6×50 Night Vision Monocular is one of its kind.

In comparison to other models out there, this night vision monocular has a 6x magnification factor combined with a 50 mm lens, an effective light gathering is guaranteed!

The Bushnell Equinox Z2 has a wifi-enabled option with gives you the ability to live stream videos and share your footage straight to your mobile device.

Plus, it has the ability to directly control the IR brightness, image capture, and zoom video automatically.

How cool is that?

The features don’t stop there.

This night vision monocular allows you to view subjects that have a long-range ( up to 1000 feet) distance with its built-in illuminator, no matter what time of the day it is.

With that said, the monocular can capture a video in a full 1080P HD variety.

With its classic design and cool specification, this set of night vision monoculars is a good choice for those individuals looking for a night vision gadget that can track big-time activities and operations.

The Bushnell Equinox Z2 is also a decent option for those who want lower-specs and lightweight alternatives. 

6. Hawke Nite-Eye 2000 5×40 Night Vision Monocular

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If you are looking for a lightweight monocular with a built-in IR illuminator and have up to 9 levels of brightness, check out this Hawke Nite-Eye 2000 5×40 Night Vision Monocular.

This night vision device also includes an 8 GB microSD that is very useful for taking still videos and recording footage. 

The Hawke Nite-Eye 2000 has a more affordable price than the other night vision monoculars available in the market.

With this cheaper alternative, you can get a 40 mm objective lens that allows a 5x magnification.

The night vision monocular would also allow you to view subjects within a 200-meter range. 

Not only that, the Hawke Nite-Eye 2000 offers a modest VGA resolution with a still resolution of 5 megapixels, which almost feels like retrograde footage.

Plus, this monocular also allows you to capture 10 minutes of video footage and stills.

Although this specification could still be improved, it is undeniably a decent choice given its affordable price.

To top that off, the Hawke Nite-Eye 2000 has a built-in infrared sensor.

These sensors allow the user to enhance the view, with nine levels of brightness options.

Plus, this night vision monocular is also waterproof, with 8GB microSD included in the package. 

A 2-year warranty is also provided which allows you to have peace of mind just in case something happens out of hand.

For additional convenience, Hawke Nite-Eye comes with a USB lead rechargeable battery.

What more can you ask for?

7. SiOnyx Aurora Sport

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The SiOnyx Aurora Sport is a waterproof action camera that allows you to see colors even in the dark!

Cool, right?

This handheld set of monocular devices is not only the most affordable out of the bunch, but it is also the most ideal if you are fond of observing wildlife activities while on the boat at night. 

To start with, this night vision monocular device allows you to record 720P colored videos when you are out observing wildlife activities during nighttime because it has its own 1 inch CMOS sensor. 

As previously stated, the SiOnyx Aurora Sport is designed primarily for those who like boating and those individuals who are fond of observing marine life forms.

This night vision device claims to be water-proof and is said to allow submersion in water of up to 3 feet for a whole 30 minutes.

Furthermore, the SiOnyx Aurora Sport night vision action camera provides a 3x digital zoom.

This means that even in a near moonless dark sky, it is able to pick out a man-sized target at 150 m. 

The only downside of this night vision device is the hours of usage between charges.

You can use this camera for only two hours, aiding for limited footage and videos.

Also, the video quality is only limited to 720P, which provides a not-so HD type of resolution.

However, given its affordable price, the SiOnyx Aurora Sport is still worth a shot.

8. Yukon NVMT Spartan 4×50 Night Vision Monocular

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The Yukon NVMT Spartan 4×50 is a well-made night vision monocular with a good light-gathering ability.

This night vision monocular device offers its users a combination of a useful infrared (IR) illuminator that is already built-in, a 4x magnification together with a 50 mm objective lens that is sizable.

These features allow users to do night-time operations or observe wildlife activities not only in low-light settings but also in total utter darkness.

Another great feature of the Yukon NVMT Spartan 4×50 Night Vision Monocular is that it allows the device to repel any rubbish, dust, or moisture because of its rubber coating.

To top it off, this rubber coating also allows you to have a firmer grip on the gadget.

But if you don’t like gripping your night vision monocular, worry not because this device includes a screw thread in a ¼-inch standard size that can be used for mounting the tripod. 

That way, you would not need to worry about tiring your arms because these night vision monoculars always got your back.

Other features also include having large controls and buttons that provide an easier operation when you’re out sightseeing from the dark.

But don’t forget to bring an extra 3v lithium battery just in case you run out of one during your activity.