EMF Meters – Find the Best One for Your Home & A Guide on How to Use them

Radiation is something that our naked eye can’t see and because it is invisible, understanding its effects can be a challenge.

Throughout the years, research and studies have revealed the harmful effects of radiation on the human body which include symptoms like:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety, and more.

This research has led to the invention of a variety of instruments that are designed to detect and measure radiation levels.

If radiation is harmful then you will want to protect yourself from it, and one way you can do so is by knowing what around you actually emits strong radiations.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves all the time and in order to help you identify which appliances, gadgets, and stuff to avoid, you’ll need the help of an EMF detector or meter.

EMF detectors are very easy to use and pretty straightforward to operate.

In this guide, I am going to give you the seven (7) best brands of EMF meters that are available on the market and show you how they differ in terms of features and other functionalities.

The Dangers of Radiation

SmartMeter Radiation

In our modern age, living without a cellphone and other household appliances is difficult.

But even if you don’t have such things, you’re still going to have exposure to radiation whether you like it or not.

I use my EMF meter to learn how much radiation a particular appliance or gadget emits and I bring it wherever I go.

This gives me an idea of how much radiation I am getting myself exposed to.

Electronics like TVs, mobile phones, WiFi routers, and many other devices may emit a form of radiation that is low-energy by nature but, they would still likely have some side effects.

EMF Spectrum

The higher the amount of radiation you’re exposed to at home, the more likely you can develop side effects, so why not do something to prevent it if you can?

As you can see on the Electromagnetic Spectrum above, we are exposed to radiation everywhere we go.

That is why fatigue and headache have become very common and the explanation on its cause is unknown, fatigue and headache are a side effect of radiation exposure.

If you work in an office where computers are found everywhere, your body is continuously at risk.

That’s why it is common for some to experience sleepless nights, skin conditions, and body pains, which are also radiation exposure symptoms.

It is also worth mentioning that there are devices on the higher end of the spectrum such as x-ray machines or airport scanners which give off too much radiation and that is why we wear protective gear when applicable (dentist, doctor, etc).

As you can see, devices that emit radiation are all around us.

We can’t control being exposed everywhere we go, however, having an EMF Meter can at least help you control the radiation levels in your home or office.

Here’s the Best EMF Detectors and Meters of 2024:

After doing extensive research and testing, I was able to create this list of the Top 7 EMF Detectors and Meters and I have listed them in order below:

TriField EMF TF2


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TriField EMF TF2 is a top choice because it is able to read different types of radiation.

That includes Radio, Electric, and Magnetic fields and it’s a perfect choice even for beginners because it is extremely easy to use.

You will simply need to turn the knob to the source that you want to detect and measure then witness the magic as it happens!

It has a large LCD display which shows simple information so newbies can understand what they’re seeing.

What I love about the display is its backlit feature which makes it easier to view the information even when it is dark.

There is an indicator bar that helps you detect hot spots quickly and more accurately.

You’ll just need to turn the knob to the kind of radiation that you want to detect and the meter will just work on its own in detecting the selected radiation.

Its 3-axis sensor means that you have the freedom to use it in detecting different kinds of radiation easily anytime you want to.

The 3-axis sensor that it has also detect radiation from every direction and it’s a feature that is really good news especially if you’re planning to use it for work and other professional applications and not just at home or personal use.

It’s also a feature that not all brands have.

The precise specification says the following:

  • 3-Axis AC magnetic field
  • 1-axis AC electric field
  • 1-axis RF


This is one of the best brands and models of EMF meter that you’ll find in the market and it’s got plenty of specifications.

Some of them are a bit hard to comprehend for the ordinary user so if you’re one of those who find it hard understanding what those numbers and technical terms are, I have made them simple below:

  • Works up to 12 hours with the backlit display turned on
  • Works up to 20 hours  when the back light is turned off
  • Requires a 9V alkaline battery for it to work
AC Magnetic Mode
  • Uses 3-Axis sensor
  • Detectable frequency range is from 40Hz – 100 KH
Radio Frequency Mode
  • Detectable frequency range is from 20MHz – 6GHz
  • Uses only 1-axis
AC Electric Mode
  • Detectable frequency range is from 40Hz – 100KHz
  • Uses only 1-axis


  • Accurate and Reliable Performance
  • Large Backlit LCD Display
  • 3-Axis for Easy and Quick Reading
  • Standard and Weighted Frequency Design
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Phone RF Frequency Detection Mode


  • Warranty Period is Limited
  • Housing is of Mediocre Quality
  • Customer Support Needs to be Improved

Standout Features

Peak Hold

This feature is something that I did not see in other brands.

It’s an option that is capable of holding fast pulses so it can be used for different products that emit fast signals.

It gives you the freedom to use it for different devices like tablets, mobile phones, and even for smart meters.


In case you don’t know yet where the source of radiation comes from, the TriField is going to help you find it.

It has an alarm feature that pinpoints sources easily so you don’t need to constantly check the display.

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2. Advanced GQ EMF-390

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This brand and specific model is designed to have different sensors.

It can be used to measure appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs and is efficient at reading radiation levels from power lines, cell towers, mobile phones, and many other types of electric fields.

It can also be used both indoors and outdoors or in whatever type of environment you’ll be in.

One of its standout features that I really like is that it has a built-in memory.

This means that it’s going to record the data using its logging features so you can still access previous readings and other measurements that you have whenever you want.

There is also an option to download these data to your computer and it does so very easily.

All you have to do is get to their website so you can get the software that is available to download for free!

I also love its lightweight and compact design which gives it perfect portability so you can bring it wherever you go.

Additionally, it has an integrated USB port that can be used for connecting it to an external power supply and you will also have the freedom to connect a microphone or headphones if you like.

The display provides all the information that you need and is viewable even in low-light scenarios.


This is also a model that has is capable of producing accurate measurements and readings.

This is because of the fact that it is able to detect and measure different types of radiation and if you want to know about its specifications, feel free to read through the list below:

Electromagnetic Field
  • Detects frequency range from 0.5Hz – 400KHz
  • Uses 3-axis sensor
Radio Frequency

The frequency that it detects can range up to 10GHz
Takes up to 2 measurements every second

Electric Field
  • Measurement for power density is from 0V/m – 1000V/m
  • Resolution is at 0.1V/m


  • Features a real-time clock
  • Quick reading through its 3-axis sensor
  • Easy-to-read and comprehensible display
  • Built-in Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer
  • Equipped with a front LED indicator light


  • Housing material is made of plastic
  • Troubleshooting section not found in the user manual
  • Works best when pointed straight when pointed to the device being tested

Standout Features

Alarm – What I love best about this model is its alarm feature that is designed to provide safety.

If you just pay attention to it, you’re going to be able to figure out what kind of situation you’re currently in.

If you are currently in a place where there is a high radiation level, the alarm will sound off and you will notice it easily.

Multiple sensors help it detect radiation reliably and accurately so you can use it anywhere!


As I have already pointed out above, this device is able to measure EMF, EF, ELF, and RF radiation.

Each of these settings is easy to read and understand.

The device can be used to give you more understanding of how dangerous can radiation be.

For instance, when receiving an SMS, you’ll notice that the graph on its display would spike up.

These graphs will show the radiation level in the previous 45 seconds.

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3. Cornet ED-88T

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A popular model that you can find in the market which has been designed with different features that gives ease-of-use while maintaining an affordable price.

It is light and compact giving it a “low-quality” feel but it really performs well in detecting and measuring Electric Field, Magnetic Field, and Radio Frequency so it’s suitable for both professional and home use.

No matter what you use the Cornet ED-88T for, you’re sure to get accurate readings that are reliable in every scenario.

It is a product that has built-in memory which will enable you to review previous readings whenever you want.

Doing this will give you the ability to find spikes on the graph in an easier manner.

You can use it on appliances like smart meters especially because such devices have the tendency to have pulsating radiation.

This means that you can’t always measure it using the other models listed here.

It’s a model that reads a wide range of frequencies ranging from 100MHz to 8GHz.

Moreover, the device’s front section only has a single button. Just press this “Power” button then walk through the area where the device or appliance is to take measurements.

It has an ergonomic design that enables you to hold in on your hand longer.

It just weighs 4 ounces so you can carry it with ease every time. It is also pre-calibrated in the factory so you can get reliable and accurate results.


This EMF meter allows you to obtain comprehensive measurement so you can know how safe the environment is.

It is capable of measuring ELF, LF, and RF.

The standout fact about this product is that it is made in the US so it is sure to meet whatever expectations that you have.


  • Functions up to 12 Hours when Backlit Display is Turned On
  • Can Work for 20 Hours without the Backlit Feature
  • Requires 9V Alkaline Battery to Function


  • LF – 50Hz to 10KHz
  • RF – 100MHz to 8GHz
  • ELF – 50Hz to 50KHz


  • Display has Backlight
  • User-friendly even for Newbies
  • Measures a wide range of frequency up to 8GHz
  • Housing is made of Thick Plastic
  • Highly Audible Alarm (60dB)


  • The display is quite small
  • Instructions need to be improved and made a lot clearer
  • Brightness Level is not adjustable

Standout Features


The housing material is made using durable plastic which means that you don’t need to use a protective case for it.

It is important to note that it is not weatherproof though it is water-resistant.

So you can use this meter even when the weather is tough.

It also features a backlit display so you can use it even in low-light conditions and those times when there’s complete darkness.

Alarm Feature

Other models have audible alarms but this one has an alarm that can reach high dB levels.

It can reach up to 60dB so it’s impossible not to hear it.

The alarm can clearly be heard even when you’re wearing headphones or you have a thick helmet on your head.

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4. Acoustimeter RF Meter AM-10

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Just like the other brands and models of EMF meters, this one also has an alarm that you can easily hear so you can use it when looking for hot spots.

You will just need to point it across the area and watch if the radiation reaches peaks.

Changing alarms can also be used for different signals.

Moreover, its peak performance is at 0.01 V/m to 6.00 V/m.

It actually means that it is able to detect and read even the weakest signals no matter how insignificant they may seem.

You can even detect the radiation levels in your neighbor’s place.

However, it can only be used with RF radiation only.

If you want to also measure magnetic and electric field radiations then you need to look at the other models.

But you can use the meter for identifying radiation levels on wireless equipment, cell towers, microwave, mobile phone, and many other devices and situations.

It is no doubt a meter that is easy to use so you don’t need to have any professional knowledge operating such equipment to start learning about the radiation around you.

What I like most about it is that it’s been designed to have an audio jack.

You can simply plug in a headphone to the jack and start using it as a directional source.

This is great for all usage scenarios in different indoor and outdoor environments.


  • Audible Alarm
  • Weight: 14.6 ounces
  • Frequency Range: 200MHz to 8GHz
  • Power Density: 0.02 V/m to 6.00 V/m


  • Comes with a carry case
  • Easy-to-use even for newbies
  • Can measure radiation for different kinds of appliances and gadgets
  • Easy to read measurements with its color-coded LED
  • Best even for weak signals


  • Number prints are too small
  • Limited warranty period offered
  • Product is not checked for quality before it is shipped to customers

Standout Features


I found this model to be very useful for smart meters, wireless appliances, mobile phones, and many other appliances.

In my thorough research, I was able to learn that it can even be used for detecting leaks.

This means that you can use it for both professional or home scenarios. It can measure frequency up to 8GHz.


Its ergonomic design means that you’ll be able to hold it on your hand for long periods.

It is also easy to carry and is lightweight so it can easily be packed with your other stuff wherever you go.

The display is quite small but the numbers are readable and its buttons are labeled accordingly.

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5. Meterk EMF Meter

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If you’re in search of a simple EMF meter then you will find the Meterk as a perfect device to use! Not like the other models, it features a large display with large numbers and letters on it so you can see it clearly.

Every button is also labeled so you can easily use it even if you’re a beginner.

When radiation reaches its peak level, a loud audible alarm will sound and if you find that it is a bit disturbing, it can easily be turned off with a simple press of a button.

What I love about it is that it also has a sensor for temperature so you no longer need to buy a separate thermometer in case you need it.

Its display is also backlit so you can view what it says even in dark or low-light environments.

It will also work with just 3 AAA size batteries which are unlike the others that require the more expensive 9V cells.

A low battery indicator is also available so you will know when it is time to change the battery.


This model is loaded with plenty of specifications but I will only highlight the most important once on the list below so you can have an idea on how well it really works in measuring radiation

  • Weight: 3.78 oz.
  • Rate of Accuracy: more or less 5%
  • Single Axis
  • Frequency Range for Magnetic Field: 0mG to 2000mG


  • Backlit Display
  • High rate of accuracy
  • User-Friendly even for Beginners
  • Equipped with Data Hold Feature
  • Large Digital Display


  • Does not pick up weak signals
  • Instructions are not that clear
  • Can only be used for household appliances

Standout Features

Energy Efficient

It is not like the other models which consume larger energy, this model only uses a small amount of energy so you don’t need to purchase new batteries often.

The device has an automatic shut-off feature after 10 minutes that it does not detect any movement or radiation.


This product is capable of being held using a single hand and control its settings using the same hand.

It’s that small and ergonomic and it features control buttons that are clearly labeled so you will know what they are for.

It measures not just the radiation but also the room temperature.

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6. Acousticom 2 RF Detector

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It is a very popular choice because of the fact that you don’t need to spend too much money just to have it.

But it’s a high-quality instrument that is able to do its job every time!

It’s very easy to use so you don’t have to be a professional to be able to start reading radiation around you.

It is important to know that it can only measure RF radiation but its detection range is from 200MHz to 8GHz which is already good for detecting radiation across different appliances and gadgets.

It also plays an audible alarm whenever it detects a significant amount of radiation.

Just like the high-end models, the Acousticom meter is also compact and lightweight though it is not the smartest as it doesn’t even have a Display screen but it can still do its job pretty well.

You can use it for detecting WiFi radiation, microwave leaks, and even cellular radiation.

You should consider this model because it’s got excellent ratings from customers who already have it no matter where you go on the Internet. It’s a trusted meter by thousands of users around the world so it’s one that you can truly rely on.

A 2-year warranty period is offered so if you’re not happy with it, you will still be covered.

In case it gets damaged and you need to return it, you don’t need to pay additional money for repairs and returns if it happens within that 2-year period.


Though it can only detect and measure Radio Frequency radiation, it’s still very efficient at doing its job.

The specifications listed below should speak the truth about the testimonies that customers have about it:

  • Audible Alarm
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Frequency Range: 200MHz up to 8GHzPower
  • Density: 0.01 V/m to 6.00 V/m


  • 3-Axis detection provides quick reading
  • Audio output for speakers and headphones
  • Lightweight, portable and ergonomic design
  • Equipped with an audible alarm to help in pinpointing radiation sources
  • Offers a 2-year warranty period


  • Provides a very limited amount of information
  • Measures RF radiation sources only
  • Customers say that it is cheaply made

Standout Features

Update Speeds

In my test on this model, I found out that it is very efficient because it allowed me to have enough time to record my readings before it updates by itself.

This is very important especially when you’re trying to pinpoint certain hotspots.


It features a sensitive and accurate sensor which makes it meet any of your needs easily.

It should be noted that its sensitivity is 0.01 V/m up to 6.00 V/m so you can use it for detecting even weak signals and still have a reliable measurement.

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7. Cambridge Labs EMF Meter

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This model can be used for both magnetic and electric field radiations.

It features a dual reading capacity which is very helpful and practical but the meter itself is sold at a very affordable price.

What I love about it is its display that provides easy-to-understand information even for beginners and things are also viewable even in a dark environment because it is backlit.

With it, you will surely understand what the readings are which results in a great experience using the product.

The results that you’ll get are also accurate and therefore reliable which means that you can use it for both household and professional applications.

It also lets you know when the peak radiation level is reached so you will know how safe the environment is.

Being cheap doesn’t mean it’s less efficient than the other models.

In fact, it is one of the models that I love most because it is easy to handle.

It is not like the other models which are flat and wide and it easily fits in the palm of my hands. It is also compact and lightweight.

Other users even put it in their back pockets without causing too much hustle.

There’s a single button in front which is perfect for those who are new to using EMF meters.

You will simply need to move around the area where you want to measure radiation levels and simply pay attention to the number in its display.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or just a newbie, this product is going to be easy to use for all types of users.

It is made in the US which means that its accuracy and reliability is unquestionable.

The specifications that it has are listed below:

  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Frequency Range: 50Hz to 3000MHz
  • Magnetic Sensitivity: <4 uT up to >4 uT
  • Electric Field Sensitivity: 40 V/m to 400 V/m


  • Lightweight and Portable Design
  • Equipped with a Audible Alarm
  • Features a Self-Calibration Feature
  • Easy-to-use even for beginners
  • Equipped with a Digital Display


  • Offers a limited warranty period
  • Not capable of picking up weak signals
  • Troubleshooting section is not found in its user manual

Standout Features


Though the other models are more efficient, they are only available in one color.

This one has 3 color variants which are black, white, and red so you can choose one that fits your preference and style.

Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery and a USB cable is included in the package.


It might be small compared to the other models but it is able to measure radiation levels in TVs, Smart Meters, Power lines, and many other sources.

It also has a self-calibration feature so you won’t need the help of a professional just to have it adjusted.

A low-power light is also available so you will know that it is time to charge it.

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The above-listed models are the best that I found in the market so far.

They’re all reliable and they take accurate measurements so you will know the amount of radiation that is present in a particular place.

These models are usable in both indoor and outdoor environments so it can serve for every household and professional use.

Are you using a different model and brand than the ones listed above?

How do you find the EMF meter that you are currently using? We’ll be happy to add that one on this list.

Feel free to write about your device in the comments section below.