EMF Blockers – Best Products & What you Need to Know

Our bodies and everything around us naturally produce electromagnetic fields or in short, EMF.

These naturally occurring EMF’s that we already have in our bodies and everything around us help regulate many processes in our bodies.

Science even suggests that every cell in our body has it’s own EMF.

However, these fields are low intensity and not harmful, they are naturally occurring.

With the ever growing use of technology, we are constantly being exposed to more intense electromagnetic fields which can cause health risks and side effects.

Basically if you live anywhere near power lines or cell phone service, you are being exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields.

These EMF’s can effect any system in your body and can effect hormones, immune system, sleep cycles, stress levels and even your DNA.

Many studies have shown that EMF radiation can even cause cancer and infertility.

This may seem discouraging since we are surrounded by technology everywhere we go, but in this article we will share some products that you can use to help lessen your exposure to EMF’s.

To learn more about EMF Radiation and how it effects us, read our article here.

Here are the Best EMF Radiation Blockers of 2024:

ConcealShield Travel Pouch by DefenderShield


Via DefenderShield

This pouch from DefenderShield is probably the best Faraday bag that you can find on the market right now.

It uses an EMF shielding that is on the military-grade level which is able to block incoming and outgoing signals from Mobile, WiFi, NFC, GPS, RFID, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies.

You can simply place your mobile phone, driver’s license, credit cards, passport, and anything else in its innermost pocket/compartment and they’ll easily become undetectable and untraceable.

I actually purchased and tested this product myself because I wanted to see if it truly lives up to its reviews.

I placed by phone inside its primary pocket and then I tried calling it.

Surprisingly, the call went straight to my voicemail.

This means that after placing my phone into it, it automatically went off the network, as advertised.

I then tried sharing my phone’s location with my wife so she can track it then I walked down the main street in our neighborhood and voila! It didn’t move in her tracker app.

The ConcealShield pouch has a few different pockets for storing your valuables.

The outside portion has a pocket that is entirely dedicated for your mobile phone.

It is capable of blocking EMF radiation so it does not reach your body while still allowing your device to send and receive packets of data over a particular network signal.

This essentially protects yourself or a loved one from harmful radiations without ever losing a necessary connection.

If you wanted your phone to be undetected and untraceable, then you put it on the inside pouch.

To help you see what the ConcealShield really looks like, here is a short video showing its features in detail:

Via DefenderShield

Defendershield Defender Pad for Laptops

Via DefenderShield

If you spend a large amount of time on your laptop every day, then you should seriously consider getting an EMF Laptop Shield.

Most laptop shields are made with materials such as aluminum or steel mesh including heat protection materials.

They are also designed to be thin and lightweight so that they won’t be an inconvenience while working on or using your laptop device.

You can even get EMF shields that sit on your desk or over your device to protect you from radiation exposure when you are not using your laptop.

We’ve looked at numerous EMF protection Laptop Shields and were only able to find one brand that had their product tested by the FCC.

The Defendershield Defender Pad for laptops has the best reviews and is proven to actually block EMF radiation.

It’s priced competitively and has a very attractive design.

DefenderShield is a trusted company when it comes to EMF protection products.

They test all of their products in a lab that is FCC accredited and have the results published on their official website.

The pad actually works using three different layers of EMF-blocking materials that help shield, divert, and even absorb radiation 100%.

See how the DefenderPad works in this video:

Via DefenderShield

Defendershield Phone case

DefenderShield EMF Cell Phone Case

Via DefenderShield

Another common everyday source of EMF exposure and radiation is from our cell phones.

Like laptops, phones also release electromagnetic frequencies not only when used, but also when not in use and in your pocket, purse, or near you on the charger on your nightstand while you are sleeping.

Cell phone shields work just like laptop shields and you can find various styles and types.

To make the shields smaller and more user friendly, they are often made with tiny gold-plated antennae or thin sheets of metal.

Like any product, there are many that claim to work but don’t so we chose the two that were tested by the FCC and are proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 98%.

The Defendershield phone cases completely covers your phone when not in use to protect you even when the phone is in your bag, pocket, or charging on your nightstand.

It also serves as a wallet as well with space to store your credit cards and it comes in a few different color options.

If you don’t like the Concealshield Travel Pouch mentioned earlier in this post, then the Defendershield phone case if your next best option!


Via DefenderShield

Mission Darkness Dry Shield Faraday Tote

Via Amazon

This is the best Faraday bag for those who need something that’s large enough and waterproof to keep their stuff safe.

Its 15lb capacity says it all in terms of size and storage space.

And because it’s a Faraday bag, it is able to block RF signals effectively.

The Mission Darkness Faraday Tote is part of the company’s line of product which they call “MOS Equipment” which stands for Mountains, Ocean, Sky (MOS).

They’ve got a whole line of products which you can choose from starting from small bags for your keyfobs to large tactical ones.

And I found that the Mission Darkness 15L tote bag brings features, quality, and price into one great package.

First, it is a large waterproof bag that you can use to keep all your electronics dry.

It will not only protect whatever is stored inside of it, but it will also protect you from any harmful radiation that your electronics are emitting.

It’s got a fully adjustable strap to allow you to wear it over your shoulder or whatever way that you’re comfortable with.

The exterior side is crafted from black tarpaulin that is of high quality so you can achieve a matte black look that really attracts while giving the durability that you need for every type of adventure.

The bag’s interior is made using two layers of shielding fabric to keep your devices unhackable, untraceable, and completely offline while stopping the EMF radiations from escaping and getting in contact with your body.

The bag has originally been made for military and law enforcement but there are many civilians that are using it now.

Its large size enables you to place laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other accessories into it and keep them dry no matter where the adventure takes you.

The outside portion of the bag features a pocket that is made of clear plastic and it’s the only part of the tote which is not shielded. It can hold stuff that you need to be readily available such as IDs for instance.

The short video below shows what the Mission Darkness 15L Faraday Tote Bag has to offer so you can get an idea of how it really looks like and see its actual size:

Via Amazon

Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Briefcase

Silent Pocket Farday Cage Briefcase

Via Amazon

Silent Pocket is another Faraday bag that has a removable strap and is of medium size and looks like any other briefcase.

This bag is capable of blocking EMF radiations and as well as cell, GPS, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many other types of signals.

One thing that I like the most about the Silent Pocket is that it’s got a pocket that blocks all types of radiations and signals while another pocket specifically blocks only NFC and RFID.

Now that’s something that you can’t find in any of the bags and pouches which I have already given above.

The outside layer is made out of high-quality leather giving it nice vintage looks while the inside layer is made of woven metallic fabric that can block every type of signal on the air right now.

All-in-all, it’s a high-quality pouch that will take care of the RF-blocking job for you.

To learn more about the briefcase and see it in action, watch the video:

Via Amazon

EMF Protection gloves

Faraday Cage Shielding Gloves

Via Amazon

Typically made from materials that help absorb and protect from radiation such as copper, silver, aluminum mesh or other metals, these gloves are said to help ease symptoms of EMF.

Although they do not fully block 100% of EMF radiation, they can decrease the amount that you are exposed to.

This process is called attenuation and it is the gradual loss of force as energy passes through the material.

A simple example of this is when you go to the dentist or doctor for x-rays and they require you wear an x-ray vest. The vest “attenuates” the radiation from the x-rays.

EMF Radiation Protection gloves work in the same manner as an x-ray vest.

The main use of these gloves is to create a physical barrier between you and the electronic device and it works because it covers your entire hand and fingers.

Based on reviews and popularity, the Faraday Gloves RF Shielded gloves seem to be a great option.

They work on touch screens like an iGlove and are made of unique radio frequency shielding silver fabric lining.

If you spend a lot of time on a laptop or computer, then investing in a pair of these gloves would be wise in reducing the amount of EMF radiation you are being exposed to.

Via Amazon

Radia Smart Baby EMF Protection Blanket Anti-Radiation

Via Amazon

Made with 95% Cotton and 5% Pure Silver Thread, the Breezy Baby EMF Protection blanket is still soft and cozy while providing the protection you are looking for.

The 100% pure silver fibers woven into the fabric provide a form of anti-radiation Faraday shield.

With multiple uses, the blanket can be used for sleeping, in bed, in a crib, as a swaddle, playtime, as a car seat cover, stroller cover, nursing cover or as a mat for tummy time.

Use it at home, the office or on the road. Also a great maternity guard solution. Just wrap the Baby Blanket around your belly while you sit or work to shield your baby during pregnancy.

The blanket is machine washable and cordless making it easy and convenient to take care of.

Breezy Baby blankets come in a few color options and would make a great baby shower or newborn gift that not only works as a soft, cozy blanket, but adds extra protection.

Via Amazon

Router Guard EMF Protection

Via Amazon

Based on my research, the product is believed by many to have been developed by a company named Smart Meter Guard.

They also sell an entire line of products for EMF protection.

One of the flagship products that they have is called the smart meter shield which is now being produced by other companies but, the latest product that they have is the Router Guard which you can see in the picture below.

It’s actually a small Faraday cage that is made to hold a WiFi router inside.

The way it is used is also very simple.

You just need to unplug your router, put it inside the cage then let the cords pass through a small hole, then plug it again so your router boots up.

The video below the company itself made will give you a better idea of how a WiFi router guard works:

Via Amazon

Smart Meter Cover

Smart Meter Cover

Via Amazon

A smart meter is an electronic device that records electric energy and communicates the information to the electricity supplier for monitoring and billing.

Usually these meters measure natural gas and water consumption and that is how your gas and water company bill you based on usage.

Non-smart electrical and gas meters only measure total consumption, providing no information of when the energy was consumed but Smart Meters can measure site-specific information allowing utility companies to charge different rates for consumption depending on the time of day, season, etc.

They can also offer discounts during peak hours and so on.

Because Smart Meters can offer more valuable information, they are becoming a standard in most homes now.

Did you know that even these Smart Meters emit EMF radiation?

To protect you, there are special Smart Meter shields to take care of this issue and they are made as a Faraday cage, which is the best known method of reducing EMF radiation.

These Faraday Cages are proven to reduce radiation exposure by 98%, if not 100%.

To ensure that you are completely covered, using a Smart Meter shield and painting the wall around the meter and behind the meter with EMF Protection paint gives you the best chance of reducing EMF radiation exposure from a Smart Meter.

This cover is nearly half the price of many other similar products on the market, yet it still tests as one of the best, which proves that more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

According to user reviews who purchased and installed the Smart Meter Cover, they noticed that EMF radiation decreased by 85% on average.

Although this isn’t the 98% they claim on their website, it is still pretty close and much better than no protection at all.

Still not convinced? Watch this video that shows how to install the cover and measure its capability:

Via Amazon

Blocbag EMF Protection Sleeping Bag

Via Amazon

If you are sensitive to the side effects of EMF Radiation such as sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety and more, then you may want to consider getting an EMF Protection Sleeping Bag.

These sleeping bags are ultra-high shielding, luxuriously soft and comfortable, breathable, and adjustable.

EMF Protective sleeping bags are ideal for travel, hotels, camping and sleeping in areas where you can’t control your exposure to radiation.

This bag comes in a neutral grey or blue and is 215cm x 80cm.

Via Amazon

YShield EMR Paint

The best EMF protective paints are made with Silicate (such as potassium silicate) and is what you want to use to reduce the amount of EMF radiation that enters or even exits a room.

For example, if you have all of your computers, servers, and other EMF emitting electronics in one room or area, this paint can help reduce radiation entering other rooms or areas.

You may notice that this paint is usually black but it is meant to be used as a base layer under normal wall paint, so no one would even know it is there.

You can primer and choose whatever color or paint type over the EMF protective paint.

Although this paint can be very expensive, it is a small price to pay to protect you from EMF radiation and it lasts a very long time, not requiring touch up or a fresh coat.

Once the paint is applied, in order for it to even work, you need to ground the paint by buying grounding cables and grounding plates, all which can be found online.

Shielding Paints tested different paint brands and YSHIELD tested as one of the best options on the market.

Via Amazon

As you can see there are several great products out there to help protect you from EMF Radiation.

Would say the best things you can do are get covers for your cell phones, laptops, and smart meters as well as routers.

That alone will make a huge difference!

Any other great EMF Blockers that we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments below!