EMF Protection Devices – Radiation Products Do They All Work?

Our bodies and everything around us naturally produce electromagnetic fields or in short, EMF.

However, these fields are low intensity and not harmful, they are naturally occurring.

With the ever growing use of technology, we are constantly being exposed to more intense electromagnetic fields which can cause health risks.

What is EMF?

Basically if you live anywhere near power lines or cell phone service, you are being exposed to artificial electromagnetic fields.

Scientists created something called the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM) to measure types of photon radiation.

EMF consists of photons that travel in wave-like patterns at the speed of light.

In short, the amount of energy found in these protons creates the different types of electromagnetic radiation on the spectrum.

This is expressed in energy, wavelength or frequency.

EMF Spectrum

On the spectrum, the low end EMF’s have longer wavelengths and come from power lines that feed household appliances.

When you are exposed to these low spectrum EMF’s, they can pose health risks, especially when they are close to your body for extended periods of time.

Higher on the spectrum we have cell phones, cordless phones, broadcast towers, electrical security systems, etc.

These are an even higher risk to your health because they are higher on the spectrum.

I’m sure you may have heard that microwaves release radiation and this is true, because they are very-high frequency.

In fact, many cell phone towers operate in the same microwave range.

Every single electronic device that we own emits some kid of radition.

Why Should We Protect Ourselves with EMF Protection Devices

These naturally occurring EMF’s that we already have in our bodies and everything around us help regulate many processes in our bodies.

Science even suggests that every cell in our body has it’s own EMF.

However, when you are being exposed to extra artificial EMF’s on a daily basis, it can begin to interfere with your bodies natural way of working.

These EMF’s can effect any system in your body and can effect hormones, immune system, sleep cycles, stress levels and even your DNA.

Many studies have shown that EMF radiation can even cause cancer and infertility.

This may seem discouraging since we are surrounded by technology everywhere we go, but in this article we will share some products that you can use to help lessen your exposure to EMF’s.

We will also talk about some of the products that don’t actually work so that you are informed and can choose the ones that will protect you and your family.

Here’s a List of Best EMF Protection Devices for 2024:

Laptop Shields

Laptop EMF

We use them for work and pleasure and one of the most common sources of EMF radiation is from our laptops.

Common ways that people use laptops include on a tabletop or desk in front of you or directly on the lap.

Given that laptop use requires the product to be within close proximity to your body, it is the most common source of EMF radiation for most people, especially if you use a laptop on a daily basis.

Laptops also emit EMF radiation when they are not in use or in “sleep” or “hibernate” mode.

Laptop EMF shields were created to protect you and they now come in all kinds of styles including cases and lap trays.

DefenderShield Laptop Case
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If you spend a large amount of time on your laptop every day, then you should seriously consider getting an EMF Laptop Shield.

Most laptop shields are made with materials such as aluminum or steel mesh including heat protection materials.

Most shields are thin and lightweight so that they won’t be an inconvenience while working on or using your laptop device.

You can even get EMF shields that sit on your desk or over your device to protect you from radiation exposure when you are not using your laptop.

We’ve looked at numerous EMF protection Laptop Shields and were only able to find one brand that had their product tested by the FCC.

The results from the FCC showed that the DefenderShield reduced EMF radiation exposure significantly and that it actually works, thus making it our #1 Laptop Shield recommendation:

DefenderShield EMF Laptop Case

Via DefenderShield

Cell Phone Shields

Cell Phone EMF Shield

Another common everyday source of EMF exposure and radiation is from our cell phones.

Like laptops, phones also release electromagnetic frequencies not only when used, but also when not in use and in your pocket, purse, or near you on the charger on your nightstand while you are sleeping.

Cell phone shields work just like laptop shields and you can find various styles and types.

To make the shields smaller and more user friendly, they are often made with tiny gold-plated antennae or thin sheets of metal.

Like any product, there are many that claim to work but don’t so we chose the two that were tested by the FCC and are proven to reduce radiation exposure by up to 98%.

The Defendershield phone cases completely cover your phone when not in use to protect you even when the phone is in your bag, pocket, or charging on your nightstand.

It also serves as a wallet as well with space to store your credit cards and it comes in a few different color options.

DefenderShield EMF Cell Phone Case

Via DefenderShield

The SafeSleeve is a very similar design with room to store your credit cards and cash but it comes in a few different colors like a nice grey or a natural leather looking color.

Via Amazon

Both of these cell phone shields will offer the EMF protection you are looking for, it is just a matter of your style and color preference.

EMF Protective Paint

EMF Protective Paint

The best EMF protective paints are made with Silicate (such as potassium silicate) and is what you want to use to reduce the amount of EMF radiation that enters or even exits a room.

For example, if you have all of your computers, servers, and other EMF emitting electronics in one room or area, this paint can help reduce radiation entering other rooms or areas.

You may notice that this paint is usually black but it is meant to be used as a base layer under normal wall paint, so no one would even know it is there.

You can primer and choose whatever color or paint type over the EMF protective paint.

Although this paint can be very expensive, it is a small price to pay to protect you from EMF radiation and it lasts a very long time, not requiring touch up or a fresh coat.

Once the paint is applied, in order for it to even work, you need to ground the paint by buying grounding cables and grounding plates, all which can be found online.

Shielding Paints tested different paint brands and YSHIELD tested as one of the best options on the market.

YShield EMF Protective Paint

Via Amazon

Here is a video from YSHIELD that shows you how to properly apply and ground the paint so that it actually works and provides the protection you are looking for:


Smart Meter Shields

Smart meter radiation cover

A smart meter is an electronic device that records electric energy and communicates the information to the electricity supplier for monitoring and billing.

Usually these meters measure natural gas and water consumption and that is how your gas and water company bill you based on usage.

Non-smart electrical and gas meters only measure total consumption, providing no information of when the energy was consumed but Smart Meters can measure site-specific information allowing utility companies to charge different rates for consumption depending on the time of day, season, etc.

They can also offer discounts during peak hours and so on.

Because Smart Meters can offer more valuable information, they are becoming a standard in most homes now.

Did you know that even these Smart Meters emit EMF radiation?

To protect you, there are special Smart Meter shields to take care of this issue and they are made as a Faraday cage, which is the best known method of reducing EMF radiation.

These Faraday Cages are proven to reduce radiation exposure by 98%, if not 100%.

To ensure that you are completely covered, using a Smart Meter shield and painting the wall around the meter and behind the meter with EMF Protection paint gives you the best chance of reducing EMF radiation exposure from a Smart Meter.

Smart Meter Shield Cover

Via Amazon

EMF Protection Products that Don’t Work

There are many products out there that claim to protect you from EMF radiation, but many of them are not backed by any sort of scientific evidence or testing.

Here is a list of the most common products that claim to work but actually don’t.

EMF Radiation Jewelry and Pendants

EMF radiation Pendant

There are literally hundreds of different types of jewelry and pendants that claim to reduce EMF radiation exposure.

Claiming that these devices work is quite a stretch.

The science and theory behind how the pendants work is correct, as attenuation is a real, observable phenomenon, and is actually how EMF radiation shields for electronic devices work.

However,  when it comes to wearing a small pendant around your neck, the evidence simply isn’t there.

Wearing a small pendant around your neck is only covering a very tiny surface area of your body, making it impossible to truly protect you from EMF radiation.

In order to get complete protection from these materials you would need to be completely covered in them.

Although yes, the materials used to make some of these pendants sometimes do a good job of reducing EMF radiation, simple wearing a small piece around your neck isn’t going to work.

You are better off buying and using protective shields around the specific devices that you use on a daily basis as mentioned above: laptops, cell phones, and so on.

EMF Protective Clothing

EMF Protective Clothing

You can find EMF protective clothing that ranges from underwear and undershirts to daily clothing items and even full body suits and sleep sacks.

The idea behind EMF Protective Clothing is to protect your body rather than every single device you use.

EMF protective clothing claims to work like a Faraday Cage, in that it blocks EMF radiation using conductive metals.

Imagine if your clothes were made of metal?

They would be stiff, uncomfortable and have an odd shape because they wouldn’t fall against your body like normal clothing would.

Most protective clothing is made of silver which is good at absorbing radiation, but it is blended with cotton and polyester fibers.

Even then, radiation can still find its way through the weave of the fabric because the fabric would have to be flexible enough to wear.

There is no evidence that wearing EMF protective clothing actually protects you from radiation, so we adding them to our list of products that don’t work and that you shouldn’t waste your money on.




Shungite was first discovered in during the 19th century in a deposit near Shunga Village, in Karelia, Russia, which is how it got its name, Shungite.

It is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid that is consisting of more than 98% carbon.

Although it is only mined in Russia, it can be found in various forms online and is fairly inexpensive.

It has several industrial uses such as purifying water due to its molecular structure,  but is primarily used as a pigment for black paint.

What makes Shungite attractive to those looking for EMF radiation protection is its high content of a type of molecule called fullerenes.

Fullerenes are pure, hollow, carbon molecules that are apparently ideal for absorbing radiation in various forms.

Shungite can be found online in the form of pendants, crystals, bracelets, pyramids and more.

Although some studies show that Shungite is good at absorbing radiation, it is not an effective method because it is simply a rock.

And as mentioned above, simply wearing a small rock pendant or piece of jewelry is not going to protect you from EMF radiation unless you covered yourself from head to to, which is not possible.

EMF Protection Crystals

EMF Protection Crystals

Just like Shungite, protection crystals fall under the same category: they do not protect you from EMF radiation.

The most commonly sold crystals that claim to absorb radiation include; black tourmaline, amazonite, flint, quartz, and fulgurite, among others.

It is said that crystals cancel out energy and emit their own positive energy, but these claims are made without scientific evidence.

Even if they do absorb some EMF radiation, these crystals don’t emit energy or force fields, and so they would only protect the small part of your body they were covering.

Also, putting them next to your bedside at night as some claim to do, is even less effective as it is not even touching your body.

Furthermore, if these crystals truly were effective at absorbing radiation, then why aren’t more EMF radiation products made out of them rather than metals?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that crystals work in protecting you from radiation.

EMF Neutralizers

EMF Neutralizers

EMF Neutralizers claim to work differently than those that block radiation all together.

These devices claim to neutralize EMF radiation by “returning” the frequencies so they no longer cause harm to our bodies, and they do this through a combination of different crystal materials.

The idea of converting or neutralizing EMF radiation through a tiny little device with “crystals” is actually quite a crazy claim, and so all we have to say on this matter is that it does not work, do not waste your money.


With so many EMF devices and products that claim to protect you from EMF radiation, it can be overwhelming and hard to know if you are truly protected.

The best way to know is to buy your own EMF meter so that you can test the devices you use to see if there is a difference in the amount of radiation being emitted.

Always look for products that are scientifically backed (with reports from a legitimate third party that tested the device or product).

Simply trusting a device based on user reviews won’t give you accurate information, you want a certified report stating that the device or product works.

If you want to learn more about EMF and how you can protect yourself and your loves ones, we recommend taking the EMF Course. You can sign up here.