WiFi Router Guard – Protect Your Family from Harmful WiFi signals

The EMF protection product market is getting filled with more and more products as companies see consumer demand rising.

But the problem is there are products from certain companies that are not backed with the right research.

And because of that, it is highly possible that these products don’t work at all.

But there’s one particular product that truly works and I’m going to recommend it again and again in this article, and that is a router guard.

A router guard is a faraday cage that is built to contain a WiFi router.

There are a few different ways to protect your home from EMF radiation but the use of a router guard is one of the best things that you can do.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the Router Guard, how it works, and give you some recommendations on which brands are best.

But first, let’s talk about WiFi and why it is potentially dangerous.

WiFi Danger Basics – Why You Need to Use a Router Guard:

What Exactly is WiFi Radiation?

EMF Spectrum

When researching about EMF radiation, you will surely encounter the term “WiFi Radiation,” and it usually refers to the radio frequency (RF) radiation which a WiFi router emits.

This isn’t any different from the radiation that is being emitted by a smart meter or your mobile phone.

The main difference is that WiFi routers are designed to broadcast radio frequency so it can penetrate walls – this is by design and people who setup Wireless networks use tools and software to analyze WiFi networks for dead spots and such.

It also emits radiation constantly so users can connect anytime and stay connecting every time.

The result is continuous exposure to EMF radiation which can result in certain effects on health.


WiFi Radiation’s Impact on Sleep

You read that right, WiFi can actually affect our sleep patterns and its overall quality.

I think that this is one of the effects that is least discussed when it comes to EMF radiation in homes, especially in terms of WiFi Routers.

Sleep is an important part of our life and that is why using a Router Guard, like the one that I’m going to review in a minute, is extremely important.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne Australia did an extensive study on this back in 2013 and found that EMF radiation, especially the ones that come from mobile phones and routers, can actually affect overall sleep quality.

The details of their findings are really interesting.

They were able to find that the human body is interpreting EMF radiation and its electrical nature in the same way as to how it perceives light, especially in the area of the pineal gland (the component of the brain that produces and regulates melatonin).

It affects the gland by inhibiting the production of melatonin which is the hormone that regulates the overall quantity and quality of sleep.

It has also been found out to have effects on the body’s circadian rhythm.

Furthermore, they discovered that the presence of large sources of EMF radiation in the surroundings like your WiFi router at home or a mobile phone placed beside your bed will likely affect your quality of sleep in a negative manner.

When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it will not be able to effectively fight diseases.

Its ability to repair damage and cleanse toxins will also be affected.

These along with some other negative effects were revealed in the said study.


WiFi’s Effects on Our Body

Exposure to EMF radiation can have several symptoms especially if you suffer from a condition called EHS or Electro-hypersensitivity.

But seldom do we hear about this actually occurring so how do we know what effects WiFi radiation has on our bodies?

The human body continually produces between 2 to 3 million red blood cells every second of each day.

This production happens at a fast pace which means that it is very much vulnerable to disruption from electromagnetic radiations like EMF.

Within each cell is a small membrane that works like an antenna and its primary job is to continually communicate with the body and the brain using chemical signals.

But research has revealed that they are also able to pick up signals that are coming from EMF radiation.

Once received, the cells then interpret them as signals of danger leading them to assume some sort of a defense mode.

So when you are continually exposed to large amounts of EMF radiation, like that which comes from WiFi routers, the following things are believed to be inhibited:

  • It affects the ability of the body to produce round and complete cells which is one of the features that can be seen in healthy cells. You can research videos on dark field microscopy to see actual examples.
  • It reduces the ability of the cells to absorb crucial nutrients for overall health.
  • It impacts the cell’s ability to shed-off free radicals and toxins.

At this point, it should be very easy to understand that these negative effects, when combined, will surely hamper the body’s ability to work normally in optimum health.


Increased Risk of Certain Cancers

I have already discussed the possible link between radio frequency and cancer as I went in-depth with the numerous research that has been performed about it so I will not be talking about it that much in this section but it’s important to put in mind that electronic devices such as WiFi routers can possibly increase the risk of developing cancer.

The damage that the human body can sustain from EMF radiation turns out to be cumulative which means that over a lifetime, it’s important to limit exposure to such radiations if the goal of minimizing its impact is to be achieved.

So now that we are done talking in brief about the risks that WiFi radiation poses on the human body, it is time for us to discuss in greater detail about router guards, learn what it really is, discover how it works, and in the end, I will also be sharing my experience in using it.

What is a Router Guard and How Does It Work?

Now, let’s get to know what a router guard really is.

Based on my research, the product is believed by many to have been developed by a company named Smart Meter Guard.

They also sell an entire line of products for EMF protection.

One of the flagship products that they have is called the smart meter shield which is now being produced by other companies but the latest product that they have is the  Router Guard which you can see in the picture below.

Via Amazon

It’s actually a small Faraday cage that is made to hold a WiFi router inside.

The way it is used is also very simple.

You just need to unplug your router, put it inside the cage then let the cords pass through a small hole, then plug it again so your router boots up.

The video below the company itself made will give you a better idea of how a WiFi router guard works:

As demonstrated in the video, it is clear that the Router Guard actually employs the Faraday cage concept in an effort to reduce the radio frequency radiation that is being emitted by your WiFi router.

It does so without inhibiting the user’s ability to enjoy the WiFi connection.

Cages like this work by using a mesh that has spaces which is smaller than the smallest form of wavelength coming from the device.

This prevents electromagnetic radiation from escaping entirely.

Can WiFi Still Be Used When Placed in the Router Guard?

The simple answer is yes!

This is expressly mentioned in the video WiFi router guards will cause a reduction in the range a little bit.

The video says that a 10-20% reduction happens but in my experience, I’ve seen this to be as much as 30%.

But it is important to note that most home routers give off more radiation than what is needed for the available space.

It also penetrates farther than what you actually need.

This means that even if the router guard itself reduces the range, the resulting one may still be too much if the aim is to get everyone connected anywhere in your home.

The company’s website also claims that there will be no reduction in both the upload and download speeds and I have observed the same thing as well.

If you just stay within the range of your router while it is in the router guard and you’re not straining it to maintain a connection, you will still generally enjoy good speeds.

How Much Radiation will the WiFi Router Guard Block?

Now, this is something that needs to be clarified.

There are not many materials out there that can completely block EMF radiations to the fullest.

Most will just do something which is called “attenuate the radiation”.

It refers to the gradual loss of force and strength as something gets through and passes a certain material.

Here are some examples:

  • The tinted window of your car attenuates sunlight
  • The walls in your house attenuate sound as it passes through
  • The lead vest that dentists let you wear attenuates x-rays

There are materials such as aluminum, copper, or in the case of the Router Guard, the metal mesh that is used actually causes the photons to scatter as they pass through which then reduces the force dramatically.

That’s the reason why looking into any EMF protection products in the market would reveal the attenuation ratings that are expressed in dB or decibels.

The chart below should help you understand how attenuation or dB value is related to the material’s capacity in attenuating the EMF radiation.

Smart Meter Guard’s Wifi Router Guard actually states that it is able to block EMF radiation between 90-95% which translates to an attenuation rating between 10 and 15 decibels.

Where to Buy a WiFi Router Guard?

We are going to look into a few products that are available in the market but we’re going to answer the original question first.

The WiFi router guard which I kept mentioning in this article is made by Smart Meter Guard and it is available for purchase in two different places:

  • Available at Amazon
  • Available from their official Website

No matter which one you choose, you’re actually purchasing it from the company so everything just depends on your preference.

I ordered the one that I have from Amazon because I’m a Prime member and their free shipping is really fast!

What I Can Say About the WiFi Router Guard

I was able to purchase my WiFi Router Guard from Amazon and I chose the smaller one.

If you’ve got a router that’s a bit larger or something that is designed to stand its edge, you may need to choose the larger router guard just to make sure that your WiFi router would fit.

I simply unplugged my router then placed it into the router guard, made sure that the cable was in place and I let it pass through the hole that is designed for it and finally, I plugged it back in so it will start working.

It’s that simple!

After testing the signal by walking around with my laptop, I noticed that there was a bit of reduction in the range but it did not affect our usage at home.

If you live in a larger house then you would need to take this reduction of range into consideration.

The speed of the connection stayed the same though and it was a pretty good experience in general.

Testing the radiation with my EMF meter, the TriField TF2 actually returned almost the same results as the one that has been shown in the video above.

It really works in reducing radio frequency radiation exposure from any WiFi device and it is something that I’m really impressed wit

Other WiFi Radiation Protective Products

So now, let’s take a look at the market and look for products that do the same thing as what WiFi router guard does.

It is true that there are other products that you can use to reduce exposure to WiFi radiation but we’re going to put our focus on the products that are available which you can use in conjunction with your existing WiFi router.

Signal Tamer

Via Amazon

Signal Tamer is available on the company’s website lessemf.com which you can see is pictured below.

It works in almost the same way as WiFi Router Guard but instead of using metal mesh, they make use of a flexible mesh bag that you can use to wrap your WiFi Router.

So you will just need to wrap it around your WiFi router, make sure that the cables pass through the hole going out of the mesh bag, use cable ties to keep the bag in place then plug your router to start enjoying its benefits.

The company claims that the Signal Tamer can reduce radiation by about 90-95% which is very much similar to what the Router Guard and Smart Meter Guard can achieve on this aspect.

The difference that it has over the Router Guard is that it reduces the range by about half so you should not choose it if you’ve got a big house. Router guard only reduces the rage of about 10-30%.

JRS Eco WiFi Router

Via JRS Eco Wireless

Another product that I really love is the JRS Eco WiFi Router.

It is different than the first 2 that I have given above because it truly is a WiFi router and not just a cage or a bag.

I will not be reviewing it in great detail here to save space but I’ll just tell you what sets it apart from the normal router.

The JRS Eco router has a firmware that is tuned with the purpose of reducing the amount of radiation that it emits.

It’s a unique and definitely interesting product and if you want to find out more about its specifications, you can get it directly and exclusively from the JRS website.

So now that we’re done talking about a handful of products that are able to protect against WiFi radiation, it’s time to move on to the other ways on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from WiFi radiation.

You’ll find more products if you do your own research online and I have only given the best ones above.

Just be wary of the ones that don’t actually work as promised. Now, let’s get to the next section of this guide.

Other Methods of Reducing WiFi Radiation

The simplest way of reducing exposure to WiFi radiation is to use your internet WIFi router less.

However, this is something that is tough to accomplish for most people and it’s simply impractical for others.

If this is the case then there are two ways that you can adopt.

The first one is just doing your best to turn off your WiFi router when it’s not in use.

If you’re just reading something or lounging in front of your television while watching your favorite TV show then you don’t need your WiFi at all so just turn it off.

You can also do the same while you’re doing your regular household chores or engaging in something that does not need WiFi and Internet connection at all.

WiFi Radiation also affects sleep quantity and quality so it is best that you turn it off before going to bed so your body can have the chance to recuperate from the wear and tear that happened the previous day.

There are also ways that will help in automatically turning off your WiFi router so you won’t need to worry about it.

I think you still need to do this even if you already have the router guard since those products only reduce radiation and only switching off the device can remove the radiation fully.

The second thing that you can do which will certainly bring long-term effects is using wired internet instead of WiFi.

This step will still provide you with the internet using a modem and a switch which will provide wired internet to your devices at home.

This completely removes the need for a WiFi router.

But there are some drawbacks to this since you won’t have the convenience of moving around the house while still having access to the Internet and your mobile phone and tablet won’t be able to use it at all.

But if you really want to eliminate WiFi radiation from your dwelling then this is the best thing that you can do.



I personally think that reducing exposure to WiFi radiation really brings some health benefits and not only that, you also get more time to be spent on things that require you to stretch those muscles and joints instead of just lounging and streaming videos over the Internet.

This will certainly take some effort and if you want something like the WiFi Router Guard or the other products I gave above, it also needs money but the results would be worth it!

In this guide, I offered some simple but effective solutions to the problem but the application of all that depends on you.

What kind of measures do you do to lessen your exposure to WiFi and EMF radiation in general?

We would like to hear from you so please feel free to post your reaction in the comments section below.