Welcome to the 1 Gigabyte Infrared Communications (Giga-IR) Webpage

As the storage capacity of mobile devices increases, IrDA has seen a surge of multi-usage portable devices to take pictures, download music and videos and exchange information between users.

To meet the demand of our present and future, IrDA created SIG (Special Interest Group) with the transmission speed of 1Gbps (125Mbyte/sec).

This is a breakthrough in optical wireless communication.You will be able to send an entire compressed music CD less than a second (literally with a blink of eyes).

Giga-IR (previously known as EFIR) SIG was officially formed in December 2007 with the collaboration of leading technology corporations to make the reality.

Other interesting topics to note are the introduction of Wifi guards and Home Meter smart shields that have made their way into the mainstream sectors.