Best RFID Blocking Sleeves for Passports and Credit Cards

RFID Blocking Sleeves are essential as the future’s radio technology is RFID.

This security tool can protect us and make our lives easier.

With this technology, you can work on the authentication of documents, do financial transactions, and avoid retail theft. 

As a shorter term for Radio Frequency Identification, RFID is a simple concept that requires only three components: antenna, reader, and RFID chip.

If you want to understand the way it works, here is a simple analogy to it.

Pretend that you have a piece of paper that you wrote the number 1 on.

After that, place it in a hat.

Repeat this process again, but this time write the number 2.

Have this done for numbers 3, 4, 5, and so on and don’t stop until you write 28,192 numbers.

Whenever you make RFID tags, they are pretty much the same as having a number drawn out of a hat.

The numbers are random and there is no way of knowing what number sequence you will get.

Agencies use RFID tags to maintain a record on where they can get information connected to what is entered in the database.

Having tags cloned is an idea that was technically impossible as you would have to create trillions of various tags before you can see the one that has the piece of information you wanted to be encoded on it.

Because of this, people have considered RFID as something secure.

That was what happened in the past.

Unfortunately, with today’s advanced technology, people can clone and read RFID tags.

Whenever a person walks near you and scans your credit card’s RFID tag, they can use your card whenever they shop at any merchant or have their purchases billed to your account.


Even if new technology can fix this loophole, it is not available in the market yet.

There is a simple solution that is now available for this.

People have to make sure that their passports and cards can only be readable when they desire.

That is the reason why RFID Blocking Sleeves work.

Every time your card gets inserted inside the sleeve, data would not be able to pass through.

It can make sure that you are safe against any criminal activity.

Having this can be essential for any business nowadays.

However, do they work?

Aside from that, which one would be the best to buy?

Here are the market’s three highly recommended RFID blocking sleeves.

We will be comparing how each of them is different, so you will find the best one that can help in making sure that your data will be safe.

Here are the most effective EFID Blocking Sleeves:

Protectif RFID Blocking Sleeves

Via Amazon

The company Protectif exclusively focuses on products for RFID protection.

They have a wallet that takes on an approach that is different from many manufacturers as they allow their technology to get embedded inside a wallet that looks quite stylish.

Durability and Security

As people may have expected, here is a wallet that is fully FIPS 201 certified.

It functions like a wallet while also providing RFID blocking.

Secured from constant wear and tear is its magnetic chip and stripe.

Aside from that, this wallet can let you store so much more compared to what you can in sleeves.

Moreover, embedded into the leather is a material that can last so much longer than any other sleeve.


The RFID Blocking Protectif Wallet has a couple of available versions.

If you’re like us, you may probably want to have something that is quite robust.

In this case, the full-size option is what we generally recommend.

This wallet is just around 0.4 inches thick, and yet, it can hold a lot!

At the front are three card slots, with the other side having a windowed space where you can put your driver’s license.

It even has a coin purse with a zipper to have your other cards or loose change stored.

You can select from several colors that include brown (that looks quite similar to genuine leather), coffee, wine red, coffee, and black.

The option that is Super Slim looks quite the same as the compact wallets, which are now starting to be increasingly famous.

The single card made of faux leather has slots on both sides where you can place your cards.


At the front are three slots that are 100% protected by RFID.

The same is applied to the zippered area for coin storage, so if you’re a person who has so many cards, you can have them stored in there.

Because of that, it can be vital to remember that having a windowed slot for your ID card may not be protected by RFID.

However, you can be fortunate to know that this is not a big deal as only a few identification cards use RFID.

The Premium RFID Blocking Sleeves by Alpine Rivers 

Via Amazon

Do some research, and you will know that Alpine Rivers is a company that got involved in the security industry for an extended time.

They began by working on corporate contracts, and they are now making a lot of standardized products like RFID blocking gear, carry-on pouches for travel, and locks approved by the TSA.

The sleeves that they offer are an RFID solution that is highly minimalistic as it comes with a design that can fit inside your existing purse or wallet.

The RFID Sleeves of Alpine Rivers are enclosed in a big pack where you will get 16 sleeves in total.

It has four with a design that can provide your passport with the needed protection.

However, you can even have it used for more oversized documents that have RFID chips.

It has 12 other sleeves that hold to take care of any existing credit card that you have and provide you with 80% coverage.


These sleeves have an intelligently designed layout that comes up at around 85% of the card.

With this, the RFID chip is allowed to be entirely covered and can block the signal altogether.

However, since the card can stick out a bit, it can be pretty easy for anyone to grab the card out of its sleeve.

Even if their technology is advanced, they look pretty thin, allowing you to have your cards used the way you usually do.

Despite having the sleeve on, they can slip inside your wallet quite easily.

Yet this solution may not be all-in-one.

We don’t recommend that you get a stack of sleeves, have your cards shoved inside them, and carried everywhere inside your pocket. It would be best to consider getting an upgrade that you can use with your existing wallet to increase your protection.

Durability and Security

Under the FIPS 201, these sleeves underwent government testing and approval.

The accredited body for testing is a 3rd party, so you can be assured that the sleeves can perform well as they claim.

If something terrible happens to your sleeve, you are assured that they will take care of you.

Alpine Rivers provides a money-back guarantee for 365 days, so you don’t need to pay for anything that could get damaged quite easily.


Whenever appearance gets involved, you have some options to choose from.

First, you can check out how the cards are structured.

There is an opening on the side of the cards that you can slide lengthwise in the standard model.

If you want to choose which one would be the best for you, make sure to see and check the way your wallet opens.

It comes in a versatile kit that includes lengthwise and width-wise options so that you won’t get stuck with only one.

Next, choose the color you want.

The black style is the one that people commonly buy.

The look can be pretty simple with these sleeves.

You get nothing else but some details, the company logo, and a finish in smooth black.

It comes with stylish color options that include some black sleeves.

You may also get a checkered red or brown set.

It can be handy to have this whenever you need to have specific cards identified visually in an easy way so you can have them separated from the others.

Protector Travel Sidekick RFID Blocking Sleeves

Via Amazon

Travel Sidekick began through the promotion of their patented material which was highly effective compared to their competition.

Even if the industry could move to 100% reliability as a whole, there is still an edge with Travel Sidekick.

Because of their catch graphics and unique designs, these sleeves can surely let anyone show off more than their competing products.


Even though these sleeves are a bit thicker, they can still fit nicely within your wallet.

They have a smooth internal wall, so it can be easy to have the cards placed in and pulled out.

Because of the added thickness, the sleeves may not be the best choice if you want to have so many cards crammed inside a single slot.

However, they can still work well if you place eight cards in a single wallet fold.

The design of these sleeves provides the cards with sufficient coverage as much as possible.

They can cover up to the top of the card. However, it has a small cutout that would allow you to have sufficient space so you can use your thumb to pull out the card.

Durability and Security

Since the sleeves are fully approved under FIPS 201, you know that they underwent verification for 100% security.

The RFID signal won’t be able to pass through even at extremely close distances.

We have tested this by using the tap to pay as the card is inside the sleeve.

It may appear obvious, but the cheap sleeves from eBay did not pass this test.

We’re happy to tell you that this option does not have any issues.

Since the nicely printed graphics are among this sleeve’s main points for selling, we initially felt concerned about the print as it could wear off.

However, the print used a technique called dye sublimation. Because of this, it doesn’t scratch that easily like any printed material.


The RFID Travel Sidekick Protector Sleeves have the printed graphics as their main selling point.

Available are three different kits, with the one decorated with a vector graphic floral design as the most popular.

They come in a black background with highly vibrant hues.

It has yellow, purple, white, blue, and orange flowers available, that you can choose the one that could best match your style.

Two of the kits come in the same appearance. One opening is at the front and while the other is at the side.

In case you want to search for something more vibrant compared to a floral design, make sure to check out the combo pack.

Some sleeves open at the bottom while the others open at the top.

It has graphics with a design that appear the same, but they can be slightly brighter than the stock option.

Which are the best RFID Blocking Sleeves that I can use?

Since it first got released, RFID blocking technology has improved slowly.

Nowadays, people are lucky enough to have products that are perfectly functional and independently certified.

Whenever you need to choose one, there are a couple of primary options where you can select from.

If you don’t feel attached to your wallet, we recommend that you go for the wallet with fully blown RFID blocking technology embedded in it.

The model that looks more minimalist is the RFID Blocking Sleeve of Alpine Rivers, and it comes with subtle choices in color.

If you need something with additional pep to it, you may want to have the floral patterns printed on the RFID Protector Sleeves of Travel Sidekick.

Whenever you want something reliably durable and stylish but inexpensive, check out the RFID Blocking Wallet by Protectif.

Aside from being relatively affordable, it works well.

Whenever you already have the wallet that you want, you can have it beefed up with some sleeves.

There are a couple of options in this area.

Both of these options have side loading and top-loading options available so you can have enough sleeves that can cover all of the cards that you have in your wallet!

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