Best RFID Blocking Wallets to Keep Credits Cards & NFC Devices Safe!

RFID is short for radio-frequency identification and an RFID blocking wallet works by blocking the radio-frequencies so that your credit and debit card are protected from getting read remotely.

While RFID has many useful benefits such as not having to wait in really long lines as items get smart-scanned and added to your cart at the store, thieves have also found them useful for skimming credit card numbers.

rfid blocking

Thieves are able to use the RFID on your debit or credit card to skim your card numbers.

For that reason, the use of RFID wallets can be convenient and help keep your RFID information secure. 

They are designed to block anyone from stealing the digits on your debit or credit card.

Aside from providing protection to your card numbers, many RFID wallets have a modern design and for that reason, they are actually quite popular.

There are many options for people who are looking for an RFID wallet – some may be composed of leather, while others are made with metal or other materials.

Some may appear similar to traditional tri-fold or bi-fold wallets, while some have sleek and modern designs.

You can even find wallets that can hold your cards in various ways that have different capacities.

Here are the best RFID blocking wallets based on performance, functionality and style.

The Best Wallets for Blocking RFID

Amazon Essentials Minimalist Wallet

Via Amazon

Amazon Essentials’ affordable leather card carrier wallet has a window for your ID, two pockets for money, and three slots for the cards.

Because of its slim design, it is great for carrying any essential card that you have in a compact, non-bulky way.

Bellroy Note Sleeve with RFID Protection

Via Amazon

Bellroy is famous for its high quality leather goods.

Featured here is its Note Sleeve in which you can fit eleven cards, coins, and cash.

It comes in 12 different leather colors!

Alpine Swiss RFID Wallet

Via Amazon

Alpine Swiss has a bi-fold wallet with a classic appearance of bi-fold leather.

It comes with a couple of windows for IDs, a divider for the bills, four vertical slots for the cards, and ten horizontal slots.

This one also comes in 7 different color options.

Buffway Slim Minimalist Leather Wallet

Via Amazon

The cardholder by Buffway is a great RFID wallet for any minimalist.

You can fit a maximum of eight cards in its space with a clear window for your ID card.

It even has a great middle pocket for keeping receipts, coupons, tickets, or cash.

It can fit a lot despite being a small and thin cardholder.

Choose from 15 color options and 6 types of leather or other materials.

TUMI Alpha Global Wallet

Via Amazon

Famous for their travel bags and suitcases is TUMI.

Yet, they can also create great RFID wallets!

Made of nylon, TUMI’s Alpha Global Wallet has a coin pocket, four card slots, and four slit pockets.

Access Denied Trifold Wallet

Via Amazon

The tri-fold wallet by Access Denied has a design made of traditional leather.

It includes an ID window, a couple of cash compartments, seven slots for cards, and three pockets for the other items.

This is a great option if you like a more tradition style wallet and it comes in 10 colors.

Roco Slim Wallet with a Money Clip

Via Amazon

Roco has a design that is just like The Ridge.

This aluminum wallet comes with a money clip that is capable of holding a maximum of twenty cards.

It comes in a sleek design that keeps everything compact, which is why it can be a great minimalist wallet.

The Ridge Wallet

Via Amazon

Among the recognizable brands of minimalist wallets for RFID blocking is The Ridge.

This wallet is durable as it is made of metal that can fit a maximum of twelve cards.

You can either choose a strap or clip for cash.

Timberland Security Wallet for RFID Blocking 

Via Amazon

The RFID wallet by Timberland has two slip pockets, six card slots, and a removable Passcase that has a couple of windows for your IDs.

Included here is a cash pocket that separates in two.

It comes in 6 classic colors for your preference.

Hide and Seek Wallet by Bellroy 

Via Amazon

The bi-fold Hide and Seek wallet by Bellroy is capable of storing a maximum of twelve cards.

It comes in 8 beautiful colors with a hidden section where you can keep your bills.

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