Infrared Light Bulb for Heat, Relaxation & More

Today we’ll be discussing Infrared light bulbs, what they are and what you can use them for.

For therapy, heat lamps give either far infrared or near-infrared light.

Lamps with near-infrared light work on generating heat energy which can help relieve aches and pains that you feel in your body.

Aside from giving relaxing and comforting warmth, infrared light can amplify your blood flow and allows your body’s soft tissue to get more nutrients and oxygen.

This type of therapy can help heal and relieve pain as it increases the metabolism of the tissue and the blood.

For people who experience sore joints, backache, or simply just want to feel relaxed – A near-infrared heat lamp can help in reducing your daily stress and soothing your painful joints and muscles.

Some of these infrared light products can also provide far-infrared light therapy or red light therapy.

Even if you can use far-infrared light to warmth, concentrated natural light can increase the production of the cell without the high and penetrating heat.

There are different kinds of red-light and infrared products available.

Here is a list of our recommended picks!

Best Infrared Light Bulbs for Lamps of 2024

Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp

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The Beurer IL50 Infrared Heat Lamp is small enough to take with you whenever you go to the office or when traveling.

With its adjustable tilt, you can easily direct it to your painful elbow or aching shoulder for fast relief.

If you use the two ample handholds, you can find them on both sides of the ceramic light panel, and you can have the light angled from zero to fifty degrees.

A treatment surface that is extra large that this 300-watt lamp comes with is why it could be significant in treating bronchial stress or check congestion.


Red Light Therapy Device by Bestqool

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Even if this unit is relatively small, it packs so much therapy in a ¾ lb, 5 ½” by 9 ½” package.

Aside from providing near-infrared light, it also gives far-infrared and red light.

As concentrated natural light, red light is capable of increasing the production of cells, thereby aiding in faster healing and improving the appearance of your skin.

Once you have used the red-light feature for 15-30 minutes around 4 times a week, you may start to notice your skin glows and appears healthier.

Glasses for protection against light therapy come with it as well – its recommended you wear glasses when using this light to ensure your eyes are proteced.

It also comes with a timer so that you can track your therapy sessions.

The near-infrared and heat light could zero in on your painful joints or muscles that could soothe away the pain and repair the damage.

The unit includes a kickstand of a picture frame type that has a warranty for three years.

This product is excellent for anyone is looking for a convenient way to getting near-infrared heat to improve their skin and joint health.


Infrared Lamp by Serfory

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This lamp is great because you can have it set on a table and make the multi-jointed arm adjusted to your painful body part(s).

Since it has a swiveling head, a flexible arm, and a height that is more than 13 inches, you can have the soothing heat directed anywhere on your body.

With the infrared heat, you can speed up your recovery and comfortably relieve the pain of your injuries as it stimulates cell growth and improves your blood flow.

Its protective cage has a 150-watt lightbulb to help avoid damage.

Assembly is quick and easy and the unit weighs less than 6lbs.

For easy portability, you can fold up its arms so it won’t take up a lot of storage space.

This product does not come with a timer like some of the others, so you will need to keep track of time on another device.

Some users have reported that the lamp can get really hot if left on for too long, this is why a timer is important.


TDP Far Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp

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Here is a lamp that uses coil heat underneath a mineral plate and features a far-infrared treatment.

It has a 7.8″ head that could get warm but not too hot.

With its comforting warmth, you wouldn’t need high heat for the far-infrared to be able to work.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the bulb as it comes with a mineral faceplate with a guard for protection.

The plate can provide over 1500 hours of treatment time, after which you can replace the removable head.

The multi-sectioned, rolling stand and sturdy arm are sturdy and built to last.

This one does come with a timer that is simple to turn on-and-off  by a switch on the pole stand.

Having a treatment session for 40 minutes is what the manufacturers are recommending, and the timer can go up to 60 minutes of total time.

Make the pole collapse and the arm fold down so you can roll and store it inside your closet.

Always remember to allow the coil to warm for fifteen minutes before you use it.

This product is recommended for people searching for heat that is far-infrared without a high that is similar to the sauna.


SGROW Red Therapy Light

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SGROW’s Red Therapy Light provides a great combination of near-infrared and red light therapies. There are large light panels with an area of 2.5 ft x 3 ft that this device has, which can provide the skin with deep penetration and skin repair to relieve the pain of a large part of your body.

It comes with a couple of power switches: one is for the near red that is 850 nanometers, and the other is for the deep red, which is 660 nanometers.

You can have both or either of them used at the same time.

The pully system includes a pulley, buckle, cord, and door hook that you can use whenever you want the unit to mount on a door.

SGROW is a well-made light for therapy that also comes with a warranty of 2 years.

This heat lamp is perfect for anyone who desires to have near-infrared therapy and maximum red light on the same device.


FAQs on Infrared Heat Lamps

How long does it take to see the results of heat lamp therapy?

It may be likely for you to achieve comfort and pain relief in your first treatment.

However, many manufacturers are recommending that you regularly use the heat lamp so you can have the best relief and effectiveness maximized.


How are far-infrared, red light, and near-infrared different?

Far-infrared light and red light are similar.

Since natural light is concentrated, it can stimulate the flow of blood and increase the production of cells without having to use heat.

Because of the heat energy generated by near-infrared lamps, it can help with a lot of your body’s pains and aches.

Aside from giving you relaxing and comforting warmth, the near-infrared light can also provide your body’s soft tissue with more nutrients and oxygen and amplify the flow of your blood.


Can you use heat lamps to make an at-home sauna?

Multiple lamp heads are what some lamps are using to provide enough heat that can make a bathroom or any small room warm up to conditions similar to a sauna.

You can also purchase an infrared sauna. Read out full guide here.


Can infrared heat lamps burn you?

Yes, infrared heat lamps can burn you.

A lot of the heat lamps can make your skin burn whenever you stay too long underneath them.

Just make sure to constantly follow the recommended distance for every light so you can avoid burns.

Also, since some of the lamps can become too hot to touch, try not to touch the bulbs and metal grates.

You will also want to time your session so you are not over exposing yourself.


Is it possible for infrared to work whenever you wear clothes?

It can still certainly be possible to have infrared light used as you wear clothes.

However, the fabric may end up reflecting or absorbing some of the waves. It would be best if you use it to directly treat bare skin.


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